Special Message for Young Men

Young menIf you are less than 30 years old and you have less than two children, please consider the following points before having a vasectomy:

• You may regret it because the life ahead of you is still very long.
• You may be totally convinced now that you will never want children, but you may have a much different situation 10 years from now.
• Similarly, women who have no desire for children now may have a much stronger desire later.
• With a 50% divorce rate in the US, a new partner in the future may have a much stronger desire for children than your present partner does.

Here are three pieces of advice:
1. Vasectomy should be considered a permanent and non-reversible procedure because vasectomy reversals are not always successful.
2. Young men should consider Sperm Storage. Sperm storage can be well worth the investment.
3. You are encouraged to discuss your decision with your parents, too.

Updated on 2015-10-19 by admin
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