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* We have established a new Chicago clinic
as part of the company’s national expansion.

* Please keep in mind that if you call us we are closed on Wednesdays.

Easy VasectomyⓇ is a simple, inexpensive, and effective form of permanent male contraception. It is safer, less invasive, and has fewer complications and quick recovery. Under local anesthesia, only a tiny puncture is made at the midline of the scrotum skin. This procedure is nearly 100 percent effective.

No Scalpel • No Needle • No Suture

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Easy Vasectomy ReversalⓇ is an affordable vasovasostomy procedure with a high success rate. Dr. Shu adopted the same minimal invasive principles and surgical instruments as the no-scalpel vasectomy, which uses innovative new surgical techniques to significantly minimize trauma and pain and shorten recovery time.

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