Risks & Complications

risk Although an Easy™ vasectomy is one of the safest procedures, there are still chances of minor complications, such as infection, bleeding or transient bruising, temporary swelling or fluid accumulation. A Few patients experience a dull ache in the scrotal region, but this usually resolves with time.

The potential risks and complications:

  • Bleeding under the skin that may cause scrotum area to look bruised. Hematoma (collection of blood) in the scrotum that should be reported immediately.
  • Infection occurs in the wound or inside scrotum, more common if there is a hematoma (blood collecting) beneath the skin, can be treated with antibiotics, hematoma evacuation, I&D drainage, and antimicrobial creams.
  • Postoperative acute pain (mild) for a few days or occasional chronic dull ache (congestion) in the testicles, usually disappears within six months.
  • Epididymitis, when the larger tube behind the testicle becomes inflamed and swollen, can be treated with heat application and medication.
  • Failure if the man has sex before all the sperm is confirmed to be gone.
  • Prostate cancer, the recent study showed there is no increased risk of prostate cancer if a vasectomy is done.
  • Sexual difficulties for the man due to psychological and emotional responses to a vasectomy.
  • Sperm granulomas, a rare sperm collection from the testicular cut end of the vas, producing harmless lump.
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