2017 Haiti Mission

This is the third time that Dr. Shu participated in the Haiti mission through No Scalpel Vasectomy Inc. (NSVI), and it is also the fifth time that he participated in the international mission in the past three years.

From Oct 25 to Oct 28, NSVI conducted its 15th vasectomy mission in Haiti. Vasectomies were performed on 162 men (average age 43.8) who had had a total of 842 children. Dr. Shu performed about 50 vasectomies during this mission. While the average number of children per man (5.17) is still very high, we have seen a slight decrease over the last three missions. We may be seeing a greater percentage of men who accept vasectomy after 3 children, enabling themselves to nurture those children with more attention and better education even with their limited resources.

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