Make Men Smile® – Medical Mission Trip to Haiti (April 2022)

From April 22nd to April 29th, Make Men Smile surgical team carried out a medical mission at New Hope Hospital, Cape Haitien, Haiti.

This is the eighth time that Dr. Steven Shu has led a medical mission team to provide surgical mission services in Haiti. The main purpose was to treat Haitian males with large filarial hydroceles, hydroceles with the other causes and inguinal hernia.

We performed a total of 65 operations, including 41 hydroceles, 10 inguinal hernia repairs, 6 vasectomies, 4 epididymectomies, 3 orchiectomies, 1 giant scrotal abscess debridement and drainage. More than half of the patients had bilateral hydrocele or concurrent inguinal hernia. Most hydroceles are medium in size. All surgeries were successful without any complications.

The patient with huge scrotal abscess had already developed sepsis and was in the early stage of septic shock. Although he was not eligible for the Make Men Smile program, this patient was an emergency and we decided to help him. We quickly reached an agreement with New Hope Hospital and local urologist Dr. Thelusme. The patient was saved after complex I&D (over 1000 mL of pus) and extensive and deep debridement. We are happy to serve patients during this emergency.

Thanks to following team members that made this medical mission possible:

  • Dr. Steven Shu, a cosmetic surgeon and office proceduralist from Minnesota, USA
  • Dr. Liguang Huang, an anesthesiologist from Maryland, USA
  • Dr. Jolius Thelusme, a urologist in Cap Haitien and Fond Parisien, Haiti
  • Dr. Accilus, a urologist from in Cap Haitien and Fond Parisien, Haiti
  • Dr. Richardson, a urologist from in Cap Haitien and Fond Parisien, Haiti

This mission was funded by the Surgeon Volunteers’ Make Men Smile® program through fundraising throughout the United States. For more information about Make Men Smile® mission program and how to support future missions, please visit

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