2016 Haiti Mission

This is the second time that Dr. Shu participated in the Haiti mission through No Scalpel Vasectomy Inc. (NSVI), and it is also the fourth time that he participated in the international mission in the past two years.

For the first time, in October 2016, two NSVI teams provided vasectomy procedures and training at two sites simultaneously in northern Haiti. Over four days, this enabled us to provide vasectomies at five sites, visiting some sites on more than one day. Each team was composed of three international vasectomy experts and either an experienced Haitian vasectomist or a Haitian trainee. About 122 vasectomies were performed during the mission.

Our “Guest Vasectomist” volunteers not only paid their own ways to Haiti, but also made generous donations to help cover NSVI expenses.

From distant locations in North America, our vasectomists met the Floridians in Miami.

Our Location Hosts

Our doctors in various stages of training are:

  • haitian-doctors-intraining-4
  • nsvi-team-and-haiti-physicians-5

    NSVI team and Haiti physicians

  • drshu-performing-vasectomy-6

    Dr. Shu was performing the vasectomy

  • canadian-professor-drlabrecque-shareing-techniques-7

    Canadian Professor, Dr. Labrecque shared his surgical techniques with other surgeons

  • drshu-and-haitian-volunteers-8

    Dr. Shu and the Haitian volunteers

  • haitian-patients-waiting-10

    Haitian patients were waiting for the vasectomy procedures

  • drshu-and-haitian-physician-drmesadieu-9

    Dr. Shu and the Haitian physician Dr. Mesadieu

  • drshu-and-haitian-rn-13

    Dr. Shu and the Haitian RN

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