Make Men Smile® – Medical Mission Trip to Haiti (September 2023)

Mission Date: September 15th – September 20th, 2023
Mission Location: New Hope Hospital, Cape Haitien, Haiti
Mission Purpose: To provide surgical treatment for Haitian males suffering from large filarial hydroceles.


From September 15th to September 20th, the Make Men Smile surgical team embarked on a surgical mission to New Hope Hospital in Cape Haitien, Haiti. The primary objective of this mission was to provide medical care and surgical interventions to Haitian males afflicted with large filarial hydroceles, hydroceles caused by other factors, and inguinal hernias.

During the mission, the surgical team performed a total of 60 operations on 40 patients. Notably, two patients required scrotal plasty procedures, while six patients underwent orchiectomy, with one case involving a combined inguinal hernia repair. It is important to highlight that a significant portion of the patients presented with bilateral hydroceles, most of which were of medium size. All surgical procedures were executed successfully, with no reported complications.

Team Members:
The success of this mission was made possible by the dedication and expertise of the following team members:

  • Dr. Kevin Lee: A senior urologist from Florida, USA.
  • Dr. Steven Shu: A surgeon and office proceduralist from Minnesota, USA.
  • Dr. Peishan Zhao: An anesthesiologist from Massachusetts, USA.
  • Dr. Yun Qin: An anesthesiologist from Virginia, USA.
  • Dr. Jolius Thelusme: A urologist based in Cap Haitien, Haiti.
  • Annie: A multifunctional assistant.
  • Yi Zhang (Jenny): The mission photographer.
  • Fei Qin: A high school student.

This mission was made possible through the generous support of the Surgeon Volunteers’ Make Men Smile® program. Funding for the mission was raised through fundraising efforts throughout the United States.

Support and Future Missions:
For more information about the Make Men Smile® mission program and how to support future missions, please visit our website at

The Make Men Smile surgical team is grateful for the opportunity to have served the Haitian community in Cape Haitien. The success of this mission would not have been possible without the dedicated team members, generous supporters, and the strong commitment to improving the lives of those in need.

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