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The testimonials found on One Stop Medical Center have been sent to us by actual patients and may not reflect the typical patient’s experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The testimonials are meant to be a showcase of the best results our practice has produced, and should not be taken as the results a typical patient will get.

Doctor Shu is absolutely phenomenal!

Doctor Shu is absolutely phenomenal! He reversed my 19 year vecstomy completed in 2003. I am 52 years old now & speaking solely from a man’s perspective as a former patient. The procedure was painless & after I left the office I followed Doctor Shu’s directions exactly. The good doctor stayed in touch with me which was perfect. I developed some swelling that I hadn’t expected on one side, which resolved just as Doctor Shu stated it would over time. My reversal procedure was completed in August, 2022. The attached picture is our little girl Payton at six months old, born September, 2023. I believe in Doctor Shu so much that I offered him to allow potential new patients to call me if they desired.
Michael R.

– March, 2024

Our Miracle Baby

Dr. Shu, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving my husband and I a chance to have our own little family. We are officially 10 weeks pregnant with our miracle baby. Words cannot express how grateful we are for everything you have done for us. – by K-L Evans, FL

– December, 2023

Successful Story

– June 2023

Thank you Dr. Shu for making it possible to bring this shining light into our lives!

After Marc having a vasectomy for 12 years from a prior marriage, We wanted to have a child of our own. Dr. Shu did the reversal and five months later we were pregnant! Here are photos of our precious 7 month old Zeyda! She is such a happy little girl and is flying through her milestones! At seven months, she is already pulling up to stand and cruising on everything, so curious and loves interacting with people, seeing how things work and her kitty. Thank you Dr. Shu for making it possible to bring this shining light into our lives! – by Jenny Foster

– May 2023

Just got the best Christmas gift we could have asked for in a confirmation of pregnancy!

I had gotten a vasectomy 21 years ago and everything that my fiancee and I had read online indicated that it would be extremely difficult for us to conceive. After extensive research, we found Dr Shu’s office and I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. The office staff, especially Brittany, has been incredibly helpful and supportive through the entire process. Dr. Shu was friendly, welcoming, and an absolute professional. The procedure itself was relatively quick and after a few days of recovery I felt great again. I had the reversal in July, we started trying in December and just got the best Christmas gift we could have asked for in a confirmation of pregnancy! I can’t recommend Dr. Shu’s office enough, they took a very daunting step and made it pleasant and successful. – by James and Lisa L

– December 2021

We are Expecting My Fiancé is 14 Weeks!

Hey Dr. Shu, how’s everything?… I just wanted to contact you to thank you for giving me a second chance at being a father. I had the surgery with you a year ago at the Orlando office and we are expecting my fiancé is 14 weeks and the baby is healthy once again thank you so much for everything will keep in touch.

– November 2021

There is always hope!

The discussion of having a baby happened often as our relationship grew; but always ended with the same conclusion. I had a vasectomy, 12 years ago, during a previous relationship and the thought of having a baby together never made it much past a dream and a wish. Then one sunny day while sitting in the sun on a North Carolina beach we both agreed to take a chance and begin the process of having a baby together. We had a blended family of six children. What were we thinking?

Upon returning to Minnesota we began to research vasectomy reversal opportunities. We googled and made phone calls of the few medical professionals that performed the procedure. We read and read and read about the success rates, the potentials, and possibilities. We also began the process of having Heather having her fallopian tubes observed for patency and had follicle studies performed. What seemed like never ending medical appointments finally lead to Shawn’s procedure with Dr. Shu.

Upon arrival Dr. Shu and his staff were very accommodating. They conversations we had on the telephone continued with the same professionalism and courtesies when we arrived in person. During the procedure Dr. Shu explained what he was doing as he progressed through each step. Dr. Shu shared his concern with Shawn that Shawn’s vasectomy procedure had removed a large piece of his vas deference. This extended stretching that was required to reattach the ends of the vas could potentially become an issue. Following the procedure Dr. Shu discussed his optimism yet was honest with us both that due to the time between the vasectomy and the reversal and the extensive stretching he had to do to reattach the vas could hinder the effectiveness of the procedure.

With orders to rest and wait a few weeks before trying to conceive we headed home. The came the day to test the sperm viability. We had viable swimmers, but the majority had coiled tails. Not a great piece of new but the positive information the sperm made it through the vas and there were viable sperm present gave us hope.

Within a month of the procedure, not recommended by the way, we were pregnant. It was such an exciting moment. A special moment. We were elated. Then heartbreak occurred. After a few weeks we learned that the pregnancy wasn’t viable any longer. More waiting and hormone levels weren’t changing, and a D and C was performed for a missed miscarriage. More waiting and still the hormone levels weren’t dropping. An ultrasound showed an ectopic pregnancy. This was an enormous setback. News that was not only heartbreaking in the moment but news that could hinder and possibility of conceiving in the future. After an emergent surgical procedure to remove the ectopic pregnancy and fallopian tube our future looked bleak. After a period of grief and mourning we decided to try again to have our baby. Once again, we were met with heartbreak and another miscarriage. Only to be followed by a third miscarriage.

With much of our hopes and dreams crushed by the past events over timeline of three years we never thought what was about to happen ever would. Shawn was in a meeting a work when his phone wouldn’t stop vibrating. Finally, he was able to check it and was met with the question “aren’t you going to respond to this?!?!”; with a photo of a positive home pregnancy test. With cautioned excitement we made an appointment to see an OB/GYN.

The clinic test confirmed the pregnancy and an ultrasound confirmed a heartbeat and a developing baby. Tears of happiness flowed freely. With the past events that remained fresh in our memories we proceeded with a sense of caution. Not sharing any information with anyone except with one another. We were able to keep our secret until July when then kids started noticing Heather’s belly getting a baby bump. We disclosed the secret through a poem written from our new little growing baby to all the siblings. We also chose to find out the gender of our baby through a process that used Heather’s blood to check for hormones of gender. It’s a Girl!!!

The next few months of pregnancy could be compared to riding a roller coaster. Already being a high risk pregnancy, Heather experienced headaches everyday that would eventually bring her to the emergency room, excessive edema from head to toe, being transferred to a large medical facility for a potential stroke, losing her mom to a stroke, COVID exposure, and being placed on bed rest for the final month. To protect Heather and baby from any further potential medical difficulties an induction date was set for 12/22/20.

Finally, the day of induction came. We went into the hospital with anticipation of meeting our little miracle on 12/23. That day came and went and on December 24, 2020 our little Maeve Noella entered the world. Three weeks early but healthy. They call babies born after miscarriage Rainbow Babies. Our little rainbow is a true miracle. She beat all the odds to be here; our ages, a vasectomy reversal from a vasectomy 12 years prior, a single fallopian tube, and a complicated high-risk pregnancy.

There is always hope. From our experience, we entered the procedure with hope, but we also realized that there may be a chance that ‘things’ may not work the way we expect them too. This is a decision that requires planning and a lot of positive thinking. It may not always have positive results and each person needs to be there to support one another in times of sadness and heartbreak. To this day Shawn will still become emotional when there is a miscarriage in a movie, or he has a patient who is or has experienced a recent loss. Here is proof, our little Maeve; and through all the heartbreak, grieving, anxiety, and concerns we would go through it all again. There is always hope… – by Shawn

-March, 2021

Thanks to Your Incredible Expertise!

Thank you for the greatest gift of our lives. We are having Vivian. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and care on the reversal surgery.

– October, 2020

We welcomed our biggest miracle into the world!

My husband had a vasectomy reversal May 24, 2019 after being fixed for 5 years and by September we found out we were expecting. On June 8, 2020 We welcomed our biggest miracle into the world at 3:51pm 6lbs 11oz and 20.5in long. I can not Thank Dr. Shu enough for giving us this oppertunity! Dr. Shu was amazing, quick, and careing along with his staff. Thank you again Dr.Shu

– June, 2020

What an Amazing Dr.!!

Yesterday I went for a vasectomy reversal with dr. Shu, I was nervous as anyone probably would be but…. I literally felt nothing, today their is very slight but very tolerable pain!! Dr. Shu has very steady hands and it is the kindest Dr. I have ever had in my life, absolutely amazing man, I recommend him to anyone who is considering a reversal or actual vasectomy!!
I’ll keep everyone updated here on me and my wifes success at having another baby! what an amazing Dr.!!

– June, 2020

Thank you for doing the reversal!

Hello! We just wanted to let you know! That we had a baby girl!! It took us almost 3 years! We met you in May of 2017! Gods timing is always best! We had names picked out after the surgery! Harbour Grace for a little girl and Thomas after my Dad for a boy! We got pregnant last summer! Little did we we would give birth during a global pandemic! But God is good ! He gave us little Harbour Grace at 9:30 pm April 8, 2020, 8 lbs 7 oz. 20 .5 inches long!

– May, 2020

Love Dr. Shu and his staff

Love Dr. Shu and his staff. Me and my husband looked for 2 years to find someone to do a vasectomy reversal from before we got married, and we are so happy we found him. We drive over 10hours for him. My husband had his surgery on May 24, 2019 we found out we were expecting in July. Sadly we lost that baby but by September we found out we were pregnant again.. I am now 28 weeks pregnant with our Rainbow baby and cant be more excited and in love. Dr. Shu is amazing and his staff is very knowledgeable and attentive and helped us thru the stressful time.

– April, 2020

A Video Testimonial From a Couple!!!

We’re so grateful to Dr.Shu. Give him our best wishes. He’s creating miracles!

– March, 2020

“My wife is now 22 weeks pregnant!”

My wife and I got married a few years ago and we both hoped that we would be able to have a child. Unfortunately I had a Vasectomy over 18 years ago. We had looked at Artificial insemination but it did not have that high of a success rate, which could drive the cost up to prohibited amounts because of the need to keep trying. So we researched Vasectomy reversal and Success Rates with different doctors around the U.S. After reading all the positive testimonies from Doctor Shu’s patients we decided to contact him. From the very beginning everybody I spoke with was kind, knowledgeable, and courteous. You allowed me to break the cost of the surgery down into payments which made it more affordable for me.

At this time we would like to thank everybody especially Doctor Shu. My wife is now 22 weeks pregnant. Thank you Dr. Shu for giving us the opportunity to bring another child into the world. As you can see this is an ultra sound picture from 4/25/2019. We have a more recent one revealing the sex of the baby. We are waiting until the reveal party to find out if we have a boy or a girl.
Jan. L, CO

“11 Weeks Pregnant as of Today!”

We are also 11 weeks pregnant as of today! Thank you so much for your generosity and your obedience to Gods direction to help us make this a reality! I hope you are also have got a wonderful new year! 

“5 Months After My Reversal My Wife Got Pregnant With Our Now 4th Child. “

4 years after my vasectomy me and my wife decided we wanted more kids again. We researched all over Wisconsin where we lived and just couldn’t see spending 10,000 dollars on a reversal. My wife found Dr. Shu and his staff and after talking to him and seeing so many positive comments about the success of his procedures I drove over 4 hours to his clinic to get my reversal done. 5 months after my reversal my wife got pregnant with our now 4th child. 

Thank you! Thomas P. Wisconsin

“My Wife and I Have Welcomed a Beautiful Baby Girl into Our Lives.!”

In October of 2017 Dr. Shu performed my reverse vasectomy, 6 years after having a vasectomy. It is now November of 2018 and I am proud and thankful to say that my wife and I have welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our lives.

Thank you so much Dr. Shu! Brian B. Minnesota

“I Believe Went Above and Beyond!”

“I went into this procedure not with high hopes as my vasectomy was over 12 years ago my first analysis turned out great and was such a relief thank you so much to you Dr Shu. From the time I walked into your office you and your staff showed so much care, and I believe went above and beyond when it came to making sure I was comfortable and questions were answered thank you for all you do.” Clark J. South Dakota

“Our Baby Born 08/24/2017, Thank You Dr Shu!”

Thank you Dr Shu she is our baby girl im 47 years old and I got the reverse vasectomy last year one year later our baby born 08/24/2017 Thank you Dr Shu.
Oton J. Wyoming

“He Should Be Here on March 22nd!”

He should be here on march 22nd. His name is Jaxxon Edward Gabriel!!!! Brittany G, MN

“Our 4th baby, Kari was born April 2nd, 2017!”

I had a vasectomy in 2013 after the birth of our 3rd child. However, my wife and I changed our minds! We moved out of the city and got 10 acres and a beautiful new home in Cloquet MN. We started thinking about 1 more baby. I decided to get the reversal done. I researched and looked up Dr. Shu and E-Z vasectomy. I had my reversal done in April 2016, by September we found out we were expecting! Our 4th baby, Kari was born April 2nd, 2017. Thank you to the wonderful team at One Stop Medical Center. Oscar L, MN

“I am 14 Weeks Pregnant Come September!”

Hello, I just wanted to send a quick follow-up in regards to my husband’s vasectomy reversal he had with Dr. Shu in February, 2017. We started trying to get pregnant shortly after our wedding in June and low and behold I am 14 weeks pregnant come September! So I would say the procedure was quite successful! Please pass on our thank you to Dr. Shu. We are very appreciative:-)

(here is the formal testimonial she sent a few weeks later: My husband was a patient of Dr. Shu’s in February of 2017. He underwent a vasectomy reversal. We began trying to conceive a child 4 months post procedure and I became pregnant our first month of trying. We are due to have a baby 13 months post reversal. We had a good experience at the clinic. Dr. Shu was very professional. He sat down with us and explained the procedure ahead of time and followed up with us immediately afterwards. We found it a very reasonable cost to have this procedure done at the One Stop Medical Center.)

J & P McDonald, MN

“I’m Thrilled to Announce that We Welcomed a Healthy Baby Girl to Our Family on June 5, 2017..”

Dear Dr. Shu,
My husband underwent a reversal procedure with you in July 2016. Shortly thereafter, we became pregnant and I’m thrilled to announce that we welcomed a healthy baby girl to our family on June 5, 2017. I just want to relay how happy we are with you. From our first consult visit, actual procedure and then of course the fact that it worked and we now have a beautiful baby girl in our family – we are very pleased! We had met with another doctor prior to meeting with you and the experience with you and your office was significantly better. Additionally, I researched other doctors around the twin cities who perform reversals and was much more enthusiastic about your experience and background than the others. I believe our experience in the office with you also echoes my research.

Thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to welcome another member to our family. We feel so incredibly blessed and are so appreciative of the services that you offer. Big brother, Carson, adores his little sister (pic attached)! 😊


“We Can’t Say Enough Great Things About Dr. Shu and His Staff.”

I had a vasectomy in 2006. In 2014 we were researching vasectomy reversals, my wife found Dr. Shu and we contacted his office. What I liked about Dr. Shu’s method was he performs the procedure under local anesthesia. Since we live 200 miles from the Twin Cities, we were able to do a consultation and the procedure at the same time. We had done a lot of reading up to this point so we knew what to expect and Dr. Shu gave a brief description and got right to work. I thought there was only slightly more pain than my vasectomy and the recovery period was essentially the same.

I requested a semen analysis after a year of no pregnancy and there was virtually no sperm present at this point even though there was after the reversal was initially done. Dr. Shu called me to explain and offered a second reversal. In September of 2016, I had a second reversal done. This time was longer and more painful with a longer recovery period, but so worth it. We found out my wife was pregnant in April of 2017 and now she’s at 21 weeks and doing great.

We can’t say enough great things about Dr. Shu and his staff. Everyone was helpful and friendly and very prompt to respond if we had a question or request.

My best advice would be to do your own research, watch youtube videos, read articles. The procedure is done laying flat on your back, you can’t see what’s going on at any point so knowing what to expect put me at ease. During the procedure, there’s music on and I was allowed to keep my phone so I was entertained. Dr. Shu works very fast but does have time to chat while he works if you want. There is enough local anesthetic to deaden everything and the doctor does a good job of asking if you need more. I was sent home with a list of instructions and a prescription for pain meds that I never needed.

The recovery is essentially the same as a vasectomy. Ice on the whole situation for three days and then occasionally after that. This was my chance to sit in a chair all day, watch tv, and ask my loving wife to bring me things. You can expect bruising and swelling for a while but it gives you something to brag to your buddies about. I was able to work after 3 days and 5 days respectfully. R. Bennett, Iowa

“I Highly Recommend Dr. Shu and His Wonderful, Friendly Staff.”

My husband and I have been married for 15 years and have three beautiful children together. Thinking we were done, he had a vasectomy a few years ago after my daughter was born, but I continued to think I wanted just one more. My sweet and wonderful husband eventually agreed to have a reversal done, and after much research we chose to travel as a family from our home in Shawano, WI to have a reversal performed by Dr. Shu in mid-June 2017.

My husband was very nervous about the procedure (and is admittedly, pretty wimpy when it comes to any physical discomfort) but said that Dr. Shu made him laugh and was very good at distracting him.

Unfortunately, it was a difficult repair and only one side was able to be repaired at all (and even that side was “iffy”—the surgeon who had done the original procedure had really “done a good job”). Even so, Dr. Shu spent a long time working on the one “workable” side, however. We went home a little disheartened though, thinking our chances would be pretty low, but glad we tried.

I had my first ovulation cycle (after my husband’s recovery) in mid-July, and was delighted to find out that I was pregnant a couple weeks later (Aug. 11). We are overjoyed and so thankful for Dr. Shu and his obvious skill, patience and commitment to making this work. I highly recommend him and his wonderful, friendly staff. We will send pictures in late April, when baby #4 is due. 🙂 Thank you again, Dr. Shu! Edwards, J & A, WI

“We are Currently 4 Weeks and 2 Days Pregnant.”

Great news! We are currently 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Thank you for all of your support and a big thank you to Dr. Shu for making this possible. We will send you an update when our baby is born in April, 2018. Sincerely, Reinaldo O, MN

“My Wife and I Have Just Found Out We are Pregnant”

I had a reversal in August 2016, My wife and I have just found out we are pregnant. Thank you. James S. MI

“My Wife Is Already Pregnant”

Good morning. This is James N. I was there in January, 2017 for a vasectomy reversal. Doctor Steven Shu did a good Job. My wife is already pregnant. I hope He receives this message.
Sincerely, James N. MN

“Thank You Doctor Shu for Facilitating Miracles!”

My husband and I met 19 years ago, had a relationship and ended up going our separate ways and married other people. We rekindled the flame in 2015 and starting talking about adding to our family but he had a vasectomy in his previous marriage in 2006. So ten years after him having a vasectomy, we sought out Dr. Shu and he performed my husbands’ reversal on 9/13/2016 and we welcomed our little boy on 09/15/2017.

I myself am 37 and my husband is 42. We had a natural birth at a birthing center. Our boy was born at 40.5 weeks weighing 9 pound 4 ounce, with two wonderful Midwives and dad present. He is pure boy and absolutely perfect.

Thank you Doctor Shu for facilitating miracles!

Kind Regards,
Sam & Zach O, MN

“The whole experience was great from start to finish!”

I was in your office in January for a vasectomy reversal. The whole experience was great from start to finish. Dr. Shu was friendly and cordial. He even made efforts to engage me in small talk during the procedure to make the whole process easier. Dr. Shu explained the procedure and after care thoroughly and answered any questions that we had. I would highly recommend Dr. Shu to anyone seeking this type of procedure. Thank you Dr. Shu. Sincerely, Brian L, NC

“Thanks so much for making this possible for us!”

Just wanted to give you a quick update. So, it’s been exactly 3 months since my reversal. We left the surgery prepared for the worst since you said it was only about a 50/50 chance it would work and it was one of the more difficult surgeries you’ve done. But alas, the first analysis at 6 weeks showed good quantity at 25 million, but low motility, but still a success. We figured we had 6 months to a year to get the count up before we had any real chance at conceiving. But much to our surprise, we just found out we are 6 weeks pregnant! So that means it was working just 7 or 8 weeks post surgery! We are shocked! She claims it’s mine, so you did something right!

Thanks so much for making this possible for us! We absolutely will send pictures. 🙂 We’re thrilled! Rick P, IA

“Can’t say thanks enough!”

Hello, I had a vasectomy reversal done on February 9th of 2016 and on February 4th of 2017 my wife and I had our first baby since the reversal. Can’t say thanks enough. Sincerely, David M, Wisconsin

“Here is the proof that it really does work”

Thank you again for the reversal. Here is the proof that it really does work.

“Thank you for everything!!! “

Hey Dr. Shu, we didn’t go to a lab for a formal semen analysis but as you can see we don’t need one. Thank you for everything!!! Alex V, Nevada

“2 pregnancy test show she is pregnant. Thank you for your help in making this happen!”

Dr. Shu, just wanted to give you a quick update on my reversal that was done the 3rd of June. All swelling and most all bruising has been gone for quite some time now. For the most part I feel the same as I did before the procedure. It still feels like my spermacle is still a bit larger than it was before, and I’m still just as sensitive on my left side as I was before too.

That being said, my wife missed her period at the beginning of August and 2 pregnancy test show she is pregnant. We have the first doctor appointment in 2 weeks. Thank you for your help in making this happen! T. O. Minnesota

“My Daughter is now 2 months old. Thank you!!!!”

baby1J.L. Minnesota

“We are now super excited about our new baby girl, due Nov 2016!!!!”

My partner had his Vasectomy reversed after seven years by Dr. Shu last August. We are now super excited about our new baby girl, due Nov 2016!!!! The experience was very pleasant, considering what it was, and he was comfortable during and after the procedure. Thank you, Dr. Shu!!! B. L. Montana

“We Got Pregnant Two Months After the Reversal”

It’s a girl! Due date February 11th, 2016! We got pregnant two months after the reversal. Everything has healed up perfectly, and we are super excited! C.C. Florida

“The Vaso Worked”

We just found out on Januuary 1st, 2016 that we are expecting! The vaso worked! Thank you. T.M. Iowa

“14 yr Old Vasectomy was Successfully Reversed!”

Thanks you for contacting me with a follow up. I have great news. The reversal was successful with a near normal count present in the sample I provided to my doctor:) 14 yr old vasectomy was successfully reversed. We definitely have so much great feedback to share about Dr. Shu. I knew from my hand shake with him that he had the perfect tools to tackle any job. Thanks again. J.S. Minnesota

“We cannot Thank You Enough and We are Extremely Happy.”

Its been a busy fall so far. I came to Minnesota and got (un-snipped) in march this year. 4 years prior i had gotten a vasectomy. The surgery was painless. My recovery went great and within 3 to 4 days I felt more like normal than i did 2 weeks after my original vasectomy. We were intimate much earlier than we were advised to. A month later we took a pregnancy test outta nowhere and boom! Pregnant. And now were just over 7 weeks. Were very excited and look forward to keeping you all updated with the latest. We cannot thank you enough and we are extremely happy. J.M., Michigan

“We are Pretty Excited about That!”

My wife became pregnant in April after having the reversal done in February. She is due with our third child in January. We are pretty excited about that! H.T. Minnesota

“It Seems Like a Miracle!”

Hi Dr. Shu, I hope the tendinitis in your arm has improved. I am the patient from NY who came to you for a V-reversal this past November.

You were unable to reconnect both vas and your only option was to do a diagonal reattachment of one. The healing process went very well and after waiting the recommended period for the inflammation to subside and the full repair to take hold, we confirmed my wife’s pregnancy on Monday after our FIRST attempt.

I am amazed and thank you for being such a gifted and skilled practitioner who made this possible!
It seems like a miracle!

God bless you and your family with many graces,
Angelo C, New York

“New Baby in March 2016”

My husband TJ had a reversal done by Dr. Shu last Sept. or Oct. 2014. It had been around 10 years since the vasectomy was originally done. The experience was great at the office and we can proudly announce that we are expecting a new baby in March 2016. I am extremely glad that we came to your office. Thanks. Lori J, Minnesota

“New Baby”

Here is our new baby conceived after vasectomy reversal!! Thank you dr shu! John D. Minnesota

“The Reversal Procedure was Well Done. I would Highly Recommend Dr. Shu”

I had done my vasectomy done just over 10 years ago in Canada, and We decided to have more kids and try to find option for reversal in Canada. It was costly and appointments were not available less than 6 months. I googled for clinic in USA and went through many sites and reviews and decided to go with Dr. Shu, reason his fee was reasonable, reviews were good and he gave me date next month. So I flew from Canada and got my reversal done in January 2015, Overall I had good experience. Staff was very friendly and he is very professional. Procedure took about 4 hrs and I felt no pain at all during and after surgery. I got my semen result today and the count is just like a normal guy. Local Doctor said procedure was well done. I would highly recommend Dr. Shu. Mazhar M, Canada

“If you are looking to have a reversal, I would recommend Dr. Shu”

Reversal_1After the birth of our second child I had gotten a vasectomy. About 3 to 4 years later we thought about another child. My wife had found Dr. Shu, after about 6 to 7 months we are now pregnant. If you are looking to have a reversal I would recommend Dr. Shu. – J. D. Minnesota

“There are no words to describe what a wonderful experience I had at Dr Shu’s clinic. “

There are no words to describe what a wonderful experience I had at Dr Shu’s clinic. The atmosphere was warm and professional and all of the staff were very nice. The vasectomy reversal procedure itself was a breeze and there was almost no pain or discomfort during the process. I was afraid of how it may feel because my original vasectomy done by my family care doctor was very painful. I would recommend anyone to Dr Shu for a vasectomy or reversal in a heartbeat. He’s an expert and it shows in his work. The reversal was a success verified by the presence of sperm in my semen sample a month later. Thanks Dr Shu! – Dan D. Minnesota

“We’re pregnant!”

We had the reversal done in June and started trying to get pregnant in September. We just found out last night on our second month of trying, we’re pregnant! Thank you so much!!! – Matt A. South Dakota

“I would highly recommend One Stop Medical Staff!”

Dr. Shu and his staff made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during my vasectomy reversal. The procedure did not take long and I had no pain after. I would highly recommend One Stop Medical Staff! – Josh G. Minnesota

“It is a great place to go and get procedures done”

I just wanted to write and say it is a great place to go and get procedures done. The people are nice and treat you good. The facility is easy to access and the doctors office is relaxing. Thanks for everything.– Matt K. Minnesota

“Amazed at Dr.Shu’s level of skill and compassion with the whole process of Vasectomy Reversal”

When I went to get a vasectomy at my local clinic it was like torture. Literally. My decision to consider a vasectomy reversal was therefore a hard choice. You can’t believe how happy I am that I found Dr.Shu and the Procedure Clinic. The doctor and his staff were all very friendly and knowledgeable and the procedure was a breeze. There was next to no pain at all, just a couple tingles. I am still amazed at Dr.Shu’s level of skill and compassion with the whole process. I can’t say enough good things about the Procedure Clinic. It’s a total gem. The procedure was a success and although I haven’t tried for more kids yet it’s great to know that it’s my option. – Daniel D. Minnesota

“You have golden hands and a big heart!”

I am an RN in the ICU of one of the largest metro hospitals. I have had numerous cosmetic surgeries as well as medical procedures performed by Dr. Shu. I am continuously amazed at the quality of care, amount of concern and unending patience extended to me despite the endless questions about each and every mark on my skin and just every minor concern in general. Nobody ever makes me feel that my concerns and questions are anything but important. Dr. Shu’s pre-operative meetings are informative, relaxing and I leave the office with a total lack of concerns and questions. You have golden hands and a big heart to go with them as you extend constant compassion and display endless patience. It does not go unnoticed that you listen to your patients and manage to perform miracles even when they request you work with a budget. I know how much you did for me and it is more than appreciated. So an ends my survey, but what I hope will never be an end to my relationship with the One Stop Medical Center.
– J.F. St Paul

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