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The testimonials found on One Stop Medical Center have been sent to us by actual patients and may not reflect the typical patient’s experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The testimonials are meant to be a showcase of the best results our practice has produced, and should not be taken as the results a typical patient will get.

How awesome Dr. Shu is

I just have to say, after my scheduled vasectomy, how awesome Shu is. Good bedside manor, it took like 5 minutes. And I followed directions!! But man, I had like zero pain and no swelling. Brittany was cool too, I am a fan!

Thanks again, people always complain when something Is wrong, so I like to say something when something goes right. I’ll see you when I bring my tube back, can’t wait for that day.

– C Bremmer

“Feedback Summary From Our Vasectomy Patients”

We did the satisfaction survey in the vasecotmy patients who had their vasectomies in 2019, Here is the ratings summary based on 223 responses. 5 stars in almost all categories!

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2020 (4) “

•• Profesional staff, great communication and trustworthy.

•• I found Dr. Shu through his website ezvasectomy.com, and let me tell you –it was EASY! I drove 5 hours to visit his office for the procedure, and it was worth it. Dr. Shu helped keep me calm through the whole procedure which lasted about 10 minutes. It was very easy and I walked out of the office to my family who waited in the car. Dr. Shu keeps a very clean office and is very professional in his work. I was pleased to learn about his medical missions in underserved countries, and his medical etiquette is above par. I would definitely recommend his work to others. Before the procedure, I researched many doctors and I’m glad I made the right choice. Thank you Dr. Shu!

•• Dr.Shu was very kind and able to do the procedures in quick time than waiting time for documentation !!

•• Dr Shu and staff were very professional and helped make the procedure as comfortable as possible. The vasectomy procedure was very quick with minor pain afterwards. Definitely recommend
Dr Shu to any man looking to get a vasectomy. Thanks Dr Shu.

•• Went in for a Vasectomy. I was a little nervous going into it, but had been repeatedly told by Dr. Shu that it would be a very simple and quick procedure. I had a 3:30 appt, but showed up
a little early at 3:20. Dr. Shu was ready to go when I arrived, so we started early. I felt no pain at all during the procedure. I walked out of the office at 3:32. I would recommend to
anybody looking for a quick and easy vasectomy, Dr. Shu knows what he is doing.

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2020 (3) “

•• Easier than I would’ve thought. I procrastinated 8 years and after having the procedure, I have no idea why. Dr. Was super nice and funny.

•• Once you go into the office you’ll feel it is the right place. Service is professional and staff is friendly. Office looks neat and shiny. Procedure only takes about 5-7 minutes and post-surgery instructions are very easy to follow. I’m awaiting my post op count test but so far I’d be very confident recommending this place.

•• The procedure was very easy and comfortable. I was done within about 10 minutes of being checked in to the office. There was some pain for the week, or so, after the procedure, but I think it was consistent with what would be expected. I definitely would choose Dr. Shu if I had to do this over again.

•• I’d do it again if i could.

•• Super fast, easy, and painless recovery.

•• Definitely worth going there. Although would highly recommend having someone drive you there and back. I sneezed on the way home and almost passed out from the pain on 35w going 70mph. But overall fantastic experience. For what it is though.

•• I never had any questions after the procedure. The instructions provided were clear.

•• THere was no pain, just nervousness by myself. Quick and easy was the operation if I was to describe it.

•• It was fast and my recovery went very well. I have no complaints and Dr.Shu was a funny dude! I was back doing construction in 3 days. Was a little sore because I didn’t want to take the time off of work. By the second day of work all was well. Job well done DR. Shu!

•• I overworked myself after and scheduling was during Covid. I would imagine if you followed directions and did it in normal circumstances this place would be a 12 out of 10

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2020 (2) “

•• Dr. Shu was great. Vesectomy took 5 minutes. Funny guy to talk to. Made me feel comfortable during my neutering. Thanks doc!

•• Incredibly fast, super friendly and very reasonably priced! 

•• Was pretty nervous about having my vasectomy but it was way less scary than lasik eye surgery. Staff was very friendly and great to work with for scheduling and keeping in communication as stuff got moved back due to Covid19. Waiting time was just a little bit longer than the vasectomy itself which was only like 6mn, literally. Dr. Shu was very easy to talk to and made you feel as comfortable as one can for that kind of procedure, lol.

•• In and out!! Dr. Shu was perfect.  

•• Dr Shu is fantastic. The procedure is very quick and nearly painless.

•• Dr. Shu was a professional and has not only performed the initial procedure but also a successful reversal. He will soon get the opportunity to see me again. I would recommend his services.

•• Very easy process from start to finish. I’ve already recommended others to himHe was friendly, made the procedure comfortable and his facility was nice. 
•• I have the vasectomy and i only hear bad things about it but with dr shu he demonstrate there is nothing to worry about thanks dr shu

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2020 (1) “

•• Dr. Shu and his staff were very friendly and helpful and answered any questions I had,I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get a vasectomy.

•• I had my vasectomy 1/3/20. It was easy to schedule appointment. I was a little nervous because it’s a procedure clinic and not hospital. Most my friends went to Allina and did the traditional method. They all had bad experiences. I arrived in edina at the clinic and it was super nice. He is a cosmetic surgeon and knows his stuff. I literally was in and out in under 10mins. I came out and my wife thought I had left something. I told her I was done. She was shocked.Have someone drive you, I was a little sore/ dizzy after. During the procedure it hurt very little. I was nervous so any little pinch I thought it hurt more than it did. I was nervous and started to panic, but it was over before I could even have a panic attack haha. I sat and played xbox for 3days. You are a little sore but ice really helps, barely noticed any pain. I recommend taking 5 days unless you do office job. I had a little pain in my goin 10 days later which was gone by day 12. No stitches and healed perfect. I hooked up with wife day 6. I recommend this place to anyone that wants a vasectomy!! Just know it’s in and out. They dont baby you. You finish then they give you going away bag with sperm tube you send in later to get tested. That’s it they dont hold your hand. 10/10!

•• I was very happy with Dr. Shu and his staff. The VA had scheduled me 4 months out for a vasectomy that required full sedation… Dr. Shu and his staff had me walking in and walking back out in under an hour without even a month from scheduling. I’d gladly recommend this office to anyone who asked.

•• Office staff was great. Overall experience was was great! I was very glad I chose to go with Dr. Shu.

•• Excellent staff i actually had fun and the staff and dr was all funny i recommend

•• I have not been able to rate the post-procedure care as I haven’t needed any. All is well. Great job, thanks

•• Happy with the whole procedure. Still have minor pain a month later. Hope it goes away.

•• 5 Star! It was easy and fast!

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2019 (2) “

•• I fully recommend the procedure and staff at the office. Thank you.

•• 5 stars. The doctor and his staff were friendly and courteous to me. They answered any questions I had and went over things for me to do that would be helpful after my procedure.

•• Very happy to have gone this route instead of a traditional procedure. I’d recommend it to others pending results!

••  Procedure was quick and relatively painless! I drove my self to and from the appointment. I was walking out the door 10 Minutes after the Doctor came into the room. I would recommend this place and procedure to any and all. Great experience! Thanks again!

•• Staff was wonderfully warm and accommodating. I really enjoyed the way I was greeted and taken care of from the moment I scheduled until I walked out of the building. It was a bit strange to have to be half naked in a room alone with not robe or towel to cover up with, but, other than that, the procedure took all of 8 minutes and I was able to rush home and enjoy a weekend on my couch.

•• Very happy to have gone this route instead of a traditional procedure. I’d recommend it to others pending results!

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2019 (1) “

••  Easy as apple pie. recommended for anyone.

•• I dragged my feet for 2.5 years even though we both agreed that our family was complete. I listened to music during the procedure which only took 9.5 minutes (yes I timed it). Dr. Shu did an awesome job! I didn’t feel anything (even the anethesia) during the procedure. I had very little post op pain and no complications. I even went to work the next day. Today I had my analysis and they had my results back within 30 minutes. I had a bad experience at my first consult with a urology group but am thankful I ended up here.

•• Dr. Shu  was friendly, made the procedure comfortable and his facility was nice.

•• Just left Dr. Shu’s office for the ezvasectomy procedure. I’m sure glad I went this route vs the traditional operation. I was a little nervous to go in and have this done, but was actually easier than going to the dentist to have fillings done. The procedure was very short lasted about 8-10 minutes. The application of the numbing agent was nothing at all. I did feel slight discomfort and slight tugging when the left side was being worked on. I’m actually laying down on the couch after driving myself too and from the appointment. I do have some discomfort, about a 2 on pain scale, feels like on lower abdominal area, but I have taken zero drugs for pain and no ice. I would recommend this procedure to every man thinking about getting snipped and Dr. Shu and his staff as the go to place! They were so wonderful, professional and comforting. Great place, great staff! Thank you!

•• Excellent experience. 5 stars! 

•• I have the vasectomy and i only hear bad things about it but with dr shu he demonstrate there is nothing to worry about thanks dr shu!

••  A month out since I had the procedure and I can say I have not had any issues. I had a little discomfort right after the local anesthesia wore off but since then nothing to complain about. The staff was great and it took less then 10 minutes!!!

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2018 (3) “

•• 5 stars! Hardly any pain during procedure or after.

•• This is super easy and painless. The opening order re-open every time I would pee though. It was not a big deal but I got too worried about it so I didn’t drink enough water and ended up dehydrating myself. I think this led to some complications and I didn’t feel recovered for at least three weeks. They were quite good about helping me during this time as well. Moral of the story is do not be an idiot. Drink a lot of water afterwards. The opening may reopen when you pee, but it will be fine.

•• Everything went smoothly – was very pleased with everything. The procedure and after-care is not without some discomfort, but I felt it was drastically minimized because of the great care taken by the doctor and the staff. Thank you!

•• The Male thing that starts with ”V”, Doc did a great job, no pain at all including recovery. I guess there aren’t many reviews on here because people don’t like to talk about stuff like this — I really don’t care, so Here we go — the worst I felt was about the same level of ”awareness pain” you might have a few weeks after you have sprained your wrist or something, and it has stopped hurting — but you are still quite aware that if you move it or put any stress on it that it will hurt, but it doesn’t at the moment.

The entire experience was good, I called about a week out, he got me an appointment (no consult, just watch a video and read the instructions), the day of I was out the door about an hour after I walked in.

I paid with some saved up HSA dollars, no need to worry about deductibles etc. (I hadn’t met for the year yet anyway) and got a 10% discount off an already pretty reasonable fee.

•• It was super easy to get scheduled and taken care of. The procedure was quick, easy, and painless. After care is easy and I felt like I could reach back out for any questions I might have.

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2018 (2) “

•• 5 stars! Quick and easy

•• Physician should not ask me questions about the border crisis when he has my balls in his hands. (Most men are nervous about the procedure, and Dr.Shu is very good at distracting the patients).

•• Everything was pretty fantastic except I had to wait for over an hour past my appointment time before I was called back. (Very occasionally, Dr.Shu was doing the big surgery longer than estimated prior to his vasectomy , we apologized).

•• I’m in business for myself and I do follow ups with my customers after I’ve completed work for them. There wasn’t any follow up after a day or two or three. A note to see how the pain was, make sure your resting etc. I’m not complaining about any of procedure during or after, merely helping to improve. I was impressed that I had emailed a question using the website and Dr. Shu readily responded, even after hours. (All instructions were given to our patients verbally, in writting and online, Dr.Shu is available to answer any questions from our patients at any time. The no scalpel, no needle, no suture, vasectomy has rare complications with quick recovery, the patient just need to take easy for 2 days, so we usually don’t disturb our patient by calling them).

•• Doc was informative and procedure was quick and easy. 7 min surgery and that was it.

•• First I want to start with saying how great my experience was at your office. The procedure went fast and painless. Dr Shu was quick but did not seem to be in a hurry or rushing. He was calm and answered my questions. I enjoyed the chit-chat with the receptionist. She was very polite and accommodating.

•• Not a lot of communication after op. This survey is too vague. I barely even saw the Dr Face. Seems like everything went ok though. Not a complicated procedure so I guess post follow up isn’t really needed. The pain was less than I expected.

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2018 (1) “

•• Had I realized it was this easy I’d have done it long ago! Thanks!

•• Quick and easy.

•• 5 stars! the only negative was that once in the room on the operating table I had a very long wait that was uncomfortable. (comment: occasionally, we had very busy days or needed to take care of more urgent cases, we were sorry about that).

•• I highly recommend Dr. Shu and the EZ Vasectomy. It is refreshing to have a clinic that takes the patient experience into consideration. Everything from scheduling, to the follow up sample testing is done in a way that puts value on my time and makes it easy for me. Not to mention I received a consultation from a urologist before I saw Dr. Shu. They recommended general anesthesia that would have come at a $6,000+ cost to me plus the extra recovery time from the more invasive procedure. Dr. Shu was able to complete the procedure in 7 minutes with local anesthesia at 10% of the cost. For the recovery, I was able to function like normal, just took it a little easy for 2 days. I wouldn’t even call it a painful recovery. A sunburn is more painful than the recovery I experienced.

•• Not a lot of communication after op. This survey is too vague. I barely even saw the Dr Face. Seems like everything went ok though. Not a complicated procedure so I guess post follow up isn’t really needed. The pain was less than I expected. (Comment: Easy vasectomyⓇ is a very quick procedure with no scalpel, no needle, and no suture techniques, it takes 5-6 minutes after given the local numbing medication. If Dr.Shu occasionally forget take off his mask before vasectomy, it is possible the patient doesn’t see his face clearly. From now on, Dr.Shu will make sure he takes off his mask while he talks to his patients. This testimonial suggested Easy vasectomyⓇ seems to be too easy!)

•• Called a few times post procedure, always happy and reassuring. 5 Stars!

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2016-2017 year! “

Recently, we did the satisfaction survey in all patients who had their vasectomies in 2016-2017, Here is the ratings summary based on 117 responses. 5 stars in almost all categories!

“He is a True Artist and Blessing”

Hello, I wanted to say that we are so excited to let you all know that Dr. Shu performed my husband’s vasectomy reversal in September 2016. I was pregnant by Halloween and I had a miscarriage. We still were not at the point to go for a semen analysis but my doctors were not too positive about another conception from a vasectomy reversal and low and behind we were pregnant again by New Years. We are expecting 9/9/17 and I am enclosing a couple 20 week ultrasound pictures of baby!

Your office was amazing and for my 40th birthday I intend on coming to Dr. Shu for body work and I am recommending him to everyone notating that he is worth the flight to Minnesota if they are not local! Doctor Shu was not sure my husbands vasectomy reversal was going to work because of how rough cut the vas was from the previous doctor. He is a true artist and blessing.

Thank you guys so much! Zach & Sam O, MN

“The whole experience was great from start to finish!”

I was in your office in January for a vasectomy reversal. The whole experience was great from start to finish. Dr. Shu was friendly and cordial. He even made efforts to engage me in small talk during the procedure to make the whole process easier. Dr. Shu explained the procedure and after care thoroughly and answered any questions that we had. I would highly recommend Dr. Shu to anyone seeking this type of procedure. Thank you Dr. Shu. Sincerely, Brian L, NC

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2017 (3) “

•• Very happy with the service.

•• Five stars. The jock strap that was given to me was too small. I’m 5’9 at 235lbs. If your bigger make sure you ask for a bigger one.

•• Super easy and convenient. Very professional. A+ all around.

•• It took me 3 years to arrive on the decision to have this procedure done. I have somewhat of a fear of medical procedures. I read all the testimonials of previous patients and still waited a while to make the final decision. Once I arrived on the final decision it was very easy. I scheduled the procedure (through online registration) without needing a (face to face) consultation (in my case). When the day finally came my wife drove me in, I signed a few sheets of paper, paid, and was out of the procedure in less than 10 minutes. Dr. Shu was very professional, explained exactly what was happening, and was very clear on what I should experience after as well as clear on direction to follow for proper care and healing. My wife and I are completely active again and very pleased with the results.

•• Dr seamed a little rushed and almost seamed like he was trying to break his personal best time for the procedure. He made sure I knew it only took 6 minutes. He laughed as he left the room saying to nurses “6 minutes”. Made me a little uneasy although everything appears to have gone well. As a patient I really don’t care if it took 6 mins or 15 just that it was done correctly. Just thought I would share in case it may help in the future. (Comment: This is the typical time it takes for Dr. Shu performs a vasectomy. Easy vasectomy™ is a high quality, fast, convenient and affordable procedure.)

•• Dr. Shu was great! I was very nervous and he was as gentle as could and caring as can be.

• All of my questions and needs were answered and accommodated to my satisfaction. Both the staff and Dr. Shu were very easy to speak with and very helpful and considerate of my needs. I would highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Shu and his staff to anyone seeking this procedure. The procedure was completed in 6 minutes! Amazing!

•• 5 Star, EZ!!

•• Doctor was super quick I was in and out in 15 minutes. Only had a small pinch when he did my left side. Took me about 3 days to recover to a point where I could comfortably walk around.

•• This was an easy hassle free procedure. Thank you Dr Shu

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2017 (2) “

•• The procedure was very quick and easy. Only took about 5 mins. I would recommend that if you have a physically demanding job that you take extra time off to recover. I went back to work after 4 days and I felt good, but I ended up with a few complication because I was not healed up enough for strenuous activity. The doctor and staff were great with any questions or concerns I had. I would recommend them for this procedure.

•• No swelling was nice and made for a very pleasant next day as I walked a lot of steps and the state capital. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone considering a vasectomy.

•• Procedure went very well. Dr. Shu is awesome! Would recommend to all my friends seeking this procedure! No complications after the procedure.

•• This whole experience was absolutely painless, I don’t know what they could do to make it simpler.

•• Super fast and easy, wish I would have done it years ago. Thank you.

•• Dr. Shu was very gentle and quick. I mean I walked in the room, procedure was about 7 minutes and I walked out with zero pain. Clear post vas care instructions and no follow up needed. One day in 7mins and back to work, done! Excellent service and great new pain free procedure with 99.9% sterile rate! No more pregnancy worries!

•• The procedure wasn’t that bad. When Dr. Shu did the madajet it felt like being pricked when you go donate blood but just down there. The left side was more sensitive and did hurt a little bit. They want it nice and shaven. What I used was veet sensitive. Caked that on down there and the hair came right off. I was even complimented on how clean and nice of a job it was. Sure beat using a shaver down there. After the procedure, I actually walked around the MOA for an hour with the wife. Was a little sore but Tylenol and ibuprofen helped. Never iced them. It’s been a month after now and every once in a while the left side will hurt for a few seconds. Maybe over working myself and trying to bend straight picking up tools and what not does not feel too good so bend the knees and don’t bend like you’re trying to touch your toes. Otherwise everything went good and just waiting for everything to come out clean so my wife and I can really have fun without worrying about kid #4.

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2017 (1) “

•• I have friends that chose the “traditional” vasectomy and didn’t have a good experience. I was very nervous about this procedure and Dr. Shu and his staff really did a great job of walking me through each step in the process. My experience went great! Little to no pain, quick procedure (could of left the car running) and no down time. I would HIGHLY recommend this procedure with Dr. Shu and his staff to anyone!!! Thank you all for making this such a positive experience!!!

•• When I booked my vasectomy with EZvasectomy.com, I wondered if I was making a mistake by booking a sensitive procedure with a doctor I had never met. Then I went ahead with it anyway, and I’m glad I did. Not only does EZvasectomy offer the latest painless techniques and the most affordable price, the entire experience is impressive. Dr. Shu is experienced and professional; he did my vasectomy in under 6 minutes!

•• It was easy for me to get my vasectomy done out of state, because I did not need to come up for a consult, or a follow-up. When you book your appointment, you’ll receive information about the procedure that will help you feel completely prepared. I’m so glad I was able to save a lot of time and money by going with EZvasectomy. I’m also pleased that I got my vasectomy done right before March madness, so I have a reason to sit around and watch the games!

•• Dr. Shu was great! My wife and I collectively agreed that I would undergo the procedure, and I’ve got to say that it couldn’t have gone any better! I was slightly nervous when I entered the office, but the moment I met Dr. Shu, he was so personable, that I immediately felt at ease. Since then, I have been recommending Dr. Shu’s services to my friends, as well as friends of my friends. I’m all healed up, and I feel great! Thank you, Dr. Shu!

•• Dr. Shu and his staff were awesome and the procedure was easy fast and simple, I would recommend this office to anyone.

•• The surgery went great. Dr. Shu was very experienced, and did a good job keeping me calm, as I was a bit nervous. The healing took a bit longer than I thought, just over a week before the pain had completely subsided.

•• I recommend this procedure to anyone needing a vasectomy. It is quick and painless. Dr. Shu is very personable even through the procedure to keep your mind on other things. It took a little over two weeks for everything to heal up, but this is normal. I highly recommend this to anyone!

•• Dr. Shu was amazing and made the experience very easy and comfortable. I would recommend that anybody looking to have a vasectomy go see Dr. Shu!

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2016 (3) “

•• Dr. Shu was very skilled and friendly. Would definitely recommend!

•• The procedure was a breeze. Virtually no pain! I would highly recommend this procedure over the conventional approach.

•• Went well. Had a little pain during procedure. Was out for a few days and took it easy at work the follow week.

•• Did not have any need for post care.

•• This is the exact type of experience I had hoped for previously, but had not received. I was not looking for a consult or counseling, I just wanted the procedure to be done. The provider asked all the right questions to make sure I was sure I wanted to get the procedure done and did the procedure. Total time spent in the providers office was less than 30 minutes. Recovery was easy and pain during the procedure and during recovery was minimal. I am very happy that I found this solution.

•• Very quick and easy procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Shu.

•• Overall great experience! Easy scheduling, excellent communication and follow-up. Nice facility with friendly staff. Dr. Shu was very professional, careful and thoughtful. Nearly painless procedure and far better than expected post-procedure comfort and recovery time. I highly recommend Dr. Shu!

•• I was pleasantly surprised. I expected lots of post procedure discomfort. I experienced minimal soreness.

•• Tender for a couple weeks but never any serious pain. Wish I had done it way earlier. Procedure seemed to take less than 5 minute

•• Made my procedure go as smooth as possible. I highly recommend this place. 10/10

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2016 (2) “

•• I was very nervous about having the procedure done but Dr. Schu was very professional and put me at ease. There was literally no pain whatsoever and the recovery time was very quick. I would highly recommend his services. Also the office was very warm and inviting and the staff were very friendly.

•• Easy start to finish

•• It was a piece of cake. I was so anxious up to and most of the way through the procedure, but it was done quickly and as easy as I hoped.

•• Amazing should have did it years ago.

•• It was a breeze! 7 minutes and I was in and out. Very little pain, and after taking it easy for a couple days I was right back into my regular schedule. Highly recommended!

•• Already have recommended to friends

•• Should of done this sooner! Very fast, easy and painless.

•• The procedure was fast, convenient and the pain was minimal (less than I expected). Happy with the decision to chose this procedure and this Dr.

•• Had a little more pain post-vasectomy than anticipated. And occasional pain a couple times in the few weeks after the procedure. Otherwise it went well.

•• I would recommend all my friends to Dr. Shu

“Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2016! (1)”

•• I found I was worried over nothing. It was minimal discomfort and even that was completely gone after a week.

•• The procedure was very quick (20 minutes from the moment that I was called in until the moment that I walked out). There was virtually no pain at all, and within 4 days I was completely back to normal. I would highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Shu to anyone looking to have a vasectomy.

•• super easy procedure

•• I am very pleased with the procedure! It was as easy as 1,2,3 .

•• Everything was real good except having to wait 30 min. past the scheduled appointment before getting in for procedure.

•• Very easy procedure. Thanks to the staff for calming my nerves.

•• I have recommended the office to several friends.

•• I would highly recommend this type of vasectomy. A quick procedure,with very little pain and a fast recovery.

•• Any fears about pain, mishaps, or the procedure were unnecessary. The entire experience was far more easier than I had anticipated. I highly recommended your clinic for anyone considering a vesectomy. Thank you.

•• This was as easy and painless as it could possibly be. I also saved a TON of money over going to my regular doctor’s office. I am very happy with my decision.

•• I should have had this done 30 years ago

•• I could not believe how painless it was. I was worried about it for no reason. It was over in less than five minutes once from the time I was set on the table to the time i was

“This was the least painful visit I have ever had to any doctors office!”

Easier than I could have ever expected (vasectomy). Everyone was very courteous and friendly. This was the least painful visit I have ever had to any doctors office!!

From the time I entered the exam room to the time I walked out was less than 10 minutes. Very pleased. B.A. Minnesota

“It is a great place to go and get procedures done”

I just wanted to write and say it is a great place to go and get procedures done. The people are nice and treat you good. The facility is easy to access and the doctors office is relaxing. Thanks for everything.– Matt K. Minnesota

“I hardly felt a thing”

When I had my vasectomy done, I had heard Dr. Shu’s procedure was less invasive and painful than standard vasectomy. I am pleased to say that the procedure was relatively quick with very little pain. In fact, when the procedure was finished, I stated, “You’re kidding!” I hardly felt a thing. I would recommend Dr. Shu and his clinic for your vasectomy, and have done so to all of my friends considering this procedure. – E. S. Minnesota

“Conducted with the highest levels of professionalism and medical expertise”

Dr. Steven Shu / One Stop Medical Clinic performed my vasectomy procedure and I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of the procedure and service. They were extremely responsive in providing me a flexible date / time to undergo the procedure and it was quick, efficient, and conducted with the highest levels of professionalism and medical expertise. I would highly recommend Dr. Steven Shu / One Stop Medical Clinic and would have no hesitation in using their services in the future.– T. H. Minnesota

“I highly recommend this no scalpel method for a vasectomy”

I found Dr. Shu on the Internet looking at information on vasectomy. I was curious about the no scalpel and no needle method. In looking at the website, I was impressed with the information presented and the simplicity that the procedure looked like. I liked the fact that I didn’t need a ride for the procedure. The initial meeting with Dr. Shu was quick and he made the whole process seem simple and talked exactly what to expect and what to do for recovery. He was very personable and made you feel confident that this would be a very good way to go. I scheduled up the procedure and it went very well. Only took 20 min. I did everything that was talked about for the recovery. I had no problems after the procedure and everything went as easy as hoped. I highly recommend this method for a vasectomy. The office was easy to get to and people very helpful. Very good experience. Thanks.
– G. S. Brooklyn Center, MN

“Much Easier and Less Painful Than a Dental Cleaning!”

No scalpel vasectomy is much easier and less painful than a dental cleaning. Would highly recommend. Quick and painless recovery. 2 days later was 100%, 1 day after vasectomy surgery was 95%.
– Dan S, Minnesota

“You have golden hands and a big heart!”

I am an RN in the ICU of one of the largest metro hospitals. I have had numerous cosmetic surgeries as well as medical procedures performed by Dr. Shu. I am continuously amazed at the quality of care, amount of concern and unending patience extended to me despite the endless questions about each and every mark on my skin and just every minor concern in general. Nobody ever makes me feel that my concerns and questions are anything but important. Dr. Shu’s pre-operative meetings are informative, relaxing and I leave the office with a total lack of concerns and questions. You have golden hands and a big heart to go with them as you extend constant compassion and display endless patience. It does not go unnoticed that you listen to your patients and manage to perform miracles even when they request you work with a budget. I know how much you did for me and it is more than appreciated. So an ends my survey, but what I hope will never be an end to my relationship with the One Stop Medical Center.
– J.F. St Paul

“Made my life a lot easier!”

Last fall I was approached by my wife for the 100th time about getting a vasectomy. As usual, it fell on deaf ears. That is until I met DR Shu. DR Shu made the process fast and simple and kept me at ease during the procedure. Now that it has been a few months, everything at home with the wife has never been. I would strongly urge anyone who is considering getting a vasectomy to call up DR Shu. Put that voice to sleep and just get it done! Getting this potential 18 year issue off my plate has made my life a lot easier!

“Dr Shu was absolutely wonderful!”

It took me several years for me to gather up enough courage to have a vasectomy done. I did some research on the Internet and learned about the No Needle, No Scalpel vasectomy. I was still extremely nervous about it. Dr Shu was absolutely wonderful. I had an initial counseling first, and Dr. Shu patiently explained everything and answered my questions and concerns. The whole procedure took about thirty minutes. Dr. Shu talked to me with comforting and encouraging words during the entire time, and he made me laugh sometimes. I never felt a thing. He was gentle and skilled proceduralist! I recovered quickly and returned to work in three days. My wife and I are enjoying our intimacy relationship without the fear of pregnancy. Great job! Dr. Shu, thank you very much for your wonderful care.
– J.H.

“A very caring and knowledgeable doctor”

Dr. Shu is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor. Over the past few years, he took care of my mother and my health. He is very professional and I am able to share everything with him.

He is a well known community activist, and he contributed a lot of time, energy, and money to the Chinese community. He was the founders of several non-profit organizations in the Chinese community, including a free clinic.

Dr.She is a very talent physician; he is an expert in many areas, such as skin cancer, hemorrhoids, endoscopies, office procedures. I strong recommend Dr.Shu to anyone who needs a caring and experienced doctor.
– K. Liew

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