Easy VasectomyⓇ Cost & Payment

Easy VasectomyⓇ | Easy Vasectomy ReversalⓇ

Total Cost

Deposit All Inclusive Cost
Edina MN Office  $100 ** $740
Orlando Office Insured Patients  $100 ** Promotional Price
Orlando Office Self Pay Patients  $640 ** Promotional Price

*The initial consultation is not required. We charge you $180 (or bill insurance) if you need a consultation prior to vasectomy.
**This is a discounted rate for patients who pay with cash, check, or charge card. When we apply for payment to insurance companies, a higher standard rate structure is used.
*** A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required. The deposit is non-refundable for either cancellation or postponement. If we receive payment from your insurance company, your deposit will be refunded less deductibles and co-payments.

Health Insurance & Vasectomy

Health insurance often covers vasectomy. Within the same company, some plans may cover and others may not. If you have health insurance, call your insurance company (the phone number should be on the back of your card). Here are the important questions:

Is vasectomy covered under my plan? (If they need it, the procedure code is 55250; the diagnosis code is Z30.2.) Be sure that you make it clear that this is an OFFICE procedure and NOT an OUTPATIENT surgery (to insurance companies, “outpatient” means done in an outpatient operating room facility).

If vasectomy is covered …

Do I have a deductible and how much of that have I already met this year?

If I don’t have a deductible or if I have already met it …

Does my plan require that I use only “network” doctors contracted with the plan?

Is Dr. Shu one of the contracted providers under my plan?

If not …

Is there any “out-of-network coverage” for procedures by doctors who are not in the plan’s network?

Get the name of the person with whom you speak. If you are told that you have coverage under your plan, and the company denies our claim, we will bill you directly, the same amount that we bill insurance companies. It’s important that you have the name of the company representative, so that he or she can be held accountable. Only your insurance company (not even someone in our office) can verify if Dr. Shu is a provider under your specific plan because provider lists change frequently as insurance companies merge and split. (Dr. Shu is a contracted provider under many plans offered by, among others, the following companies: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Medica, Preferred one, Select Care/Laborcare, United Healthcare.)

General Information on Vasectomy Cost

Vasectomy costs are usually affordable and often covered under health insurance plans in Minnesota. Typically, vasectomy costs will be in the range of $900 to $4000 in Minneapolis and St Paul areas, the suggested price range of a vasectomy includes your initial consultation, vasectomy procedure, and post semen analyses. The price can fluctuate based on where you live in Minnesota, the method of procedure, and other variables. Some clinics will include all of these in one price, while many may charge for each individually, so make sure to inquire about the price of consultation and post-op analysis when looking for potential doctors. In most cases, the cost is the same for the no-scalpel vasectomy or a conventional vasectomy.

Vasectomy costs may differ depending on where the procedure takes place. Getting one at a doctor’s office under local anesthesia is usually the cheapest, as hospitals or surgical centers, while still a valid option, may cost more due to anesthesia or facility fees. Vasectomy in men is significantly less expensive than tubal ligation in women, which may be as much as five times more costly. Generally, this is because tubal ligation is a more complex surgery, performed in a hospital or surgery center and requiring a general anesthesia. A vasectomy is simpler, safer office procedure.

Most health insurance companies in Minnesota will cover vasectomy costs, but you should check it to make sure that your insurance company includes vasectomy benefits. If you do not have a health insurance plan, you may ask if the clinic may offer you a discount on your vasectomy cost.

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