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How do I find out about my insurance benefits?

Based on the product and member’s benefit levels the requirements to see those members will differ. Please call the member services # on the back of your insurance card to confirm coverage and requirements, or check their websites. Ask about to what type of visits deductibles apply and about co-payment amounts.

Why is the office asking ME to call my insurance company to investigate a claim that has not been paid?

Many patients don’t realize that billing is a courtesy and not a requirement of medical offices. Ultimately, the patient is responsible for the fees and this is stated in a form which you sign at registration. If there is a problem getting the claim paid after several attempts on our end, we allow patients to investigate the claim further before forwarding the bill to them. Patients can learn about the quality of customer service provided by their insurance company regarding these matters. This is helpful in making decisions about which plan to choose in the future. Hold times can be over 20 minutes, and we have neither the staff time nor financial resources to do this for multiple patients. One hint is that when you finish giving all your information to the automated system, simply say, "customer service" or "operator." The automated claims info never gives you the level of detailed explanation we need.

What if I don’t have insurance?

We offer 10-20% discount to self payers, the self-pay patients also get low lab fees through Fairview lab. Please be aware that you will be required to pay for your initial office visit at that time.

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