Office Visit FAQ

What are the benefits of office procedures?

Dr. Shu performs the high quality procedures in his office. Our patients benefit from having procedures performed in the familiar, and often less-expensive, environment. In contrast to procedures done in an inpatient setting, there is no facility fee for office procedures. Continuity of care is enhanced. Our patients also benefit from earlier diagnosis and treatments and using their precious time more efficiently.

Could you please tell me Dr. Shu’ hospital privileges?

Dr. Shu is on the medical staff at Southdale Hospital and North Memorial Hospital.


Our policy is that an office visit is required for all new referrals to a physician or for medical conditions for which you have not been seen in our office. Our referral coordinator will be glad to answer your questions by phone or e-mail. Retroactive referral authorizations will not be made.

How is the provider paid?

Payment is expected at the time of service; we accept cash, checks, VISA, Master Card. Most patients have insurance and payments are obtained by billing the contracted insurance. Appropriate patient portions are collected at each visit.

What is your policy regarding confidentiality of my medical information?

We follow all federal HIPAA guidelines for confidentiality of your health information. All patients are given a copy of these policies. If you need another copy, please ask our office staff.

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