High Success Rate of Vasectomy Reversal | Minnesota

Success rate for vasectomy reversal is generally reported in two ways: sperm recovery rate (patency success rate) and pregnancy rate. The single most important factor in whether a vasectomy reversal procedure will be successful is the interval in time (years) between vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.

Although the statistical averages derived from large numbers of patients offer a general guide, your specific situation and results may differ from that of the average due of many personal variables, such as the surgeon’s vasectomy techniques, your age, you and your partner’s fertility, and a host of other factors.

Based on all of the cases with the reported semen analysis results, the sperm recovery rate (Patency Success Rate) in our clinic is about 90% within nine years of vasectomy, 80% from 10 to 14 years of vasectomy, and 60% from 15 to 25 years of vasectomy.

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