New Surgical Techniques in Vasectomy Reversal: No Scalpel, No needle, No suture

Dr. Shu has been providing affordable vasectomy reversal (vasovasostomy) service with a high success rate in the past two years. Early this year, Dr. Steven Shu further improved his surgical techniques on vasectomy reversal by using the same minimal invasive principles and surgical instruments as the no-scalpel vasectomy. The innovative new surgical techniques of the no scalpel vasectomy reversal significantly minimize trauma and pain by only making a small, single punch in the skin of scrotum, as opposed to a conventional, more invasive open procedure. In order to further reduce the fear of pain and needle, Dr. Shu also adopted the same anesthesia technique as the no needle, no suture vasectomy. Now, he performs the no needle, no suture in the most reversal patients.

Madajet is a spray applicator that delivers a fine stream of anesthetic at a pressure great enough to penetrate the skin and envelop the vas deferens tube beneath the skin with an almost 100% efficacy rate in the initial anesthesia. The additional anesthetics can be given accordingly during the dissection.

The surgical trauma is minimized, and the wound no longer needs Penrose drainage. The skin incision is so small that it doesn’t need a suture to close it most of the time, which reduces the recovery time, the operative time, and the postoperative complications.

“By offering no scalpel, no needle, and no suture vasovasostomy, we have mitigated the pain of the procedure and the fear that comes with it.” says Dr. Steven Shu. “We constantly improve our surgical techniques and the whole service system on vasectomy reversal procedure. I was thinking, no-scalpel, no needle, no suture vasectomy has many proven advantages over conventional vasectomy, why couldn’t we use the same principle and instruments to do vasectomy reversal?”

One Stop Medical Center in the twin Cities has developed an affordable, minimally invasive and convenient vasectomy reversal care system. This approach eliminates these three road blocks in the men’s mind: fear of pain, cost, and time.

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