Reasons for Men in Minnesota Resisting Getting a Vasectomy (2)

• Sexual dysfunction – A deeper psychological reason men in Minnesota have against vasectomies is that they are worrying about their sexual function and masculinity. The psychological issue is that if men cannot impregnate a woman anymore that makes them less of a man.
Reality: A vasectomy does not reduce a man’s sexual drive or his ability to have an erection or enjoy sex. The procedure only blocks sperm and simply prevents the possibility of conceiving a child. There’s no effect on “masculinity”. The man’s body continues to produce hormones as before and testosterone continues to be produced and released into the bloodstream.

•Worries about permanency – Men in Minnesota know that a vasectomy is a male sterilization and a permanent method for birth control. This becomes another reason for men to resist vasectomies. With a divorce rate of more than 50% and deadly accidents and diseases, the chances of remarriage are much higher than decades ago. What if you get remarried, and you and your new partner want to have another child?
Reality: You want to have a vasectomy now because you don’t want to anymore kids, period. We cannot predict the future. But if you truly change your mind, or if your new wife wants to have kids, you may consider a vasectomy reversal (60% success rate) or vitro fertilization, however both are fairly expensive. Also, the reversible vasectomy with a plug may be in the market in the near future.

• Procedure failure – Men also worry about a vasectomy failure , as many of them really don’t want kids any more. They may have heard stories of how a vasectomy failure changed his friend’s life.
Reality: Vasectomies are almost 100 percent effect and very reliable. The traditional vasectomy failure rate was about one to three per 1000, while a no scalpel vasectomy with fascia clip technique had a significantly decreased failure rate (less than one per 2000). There has not been a single case report from the hundreds of vasectomies performed in Dr. Shu’s office over the past 10 years.

• Complications – Any procedure could have potential complications. Men in Minnesota are afraid of vasectomy complications which may affect their sexual organs.
Reality: There are few risks involved with vasectomies. The most common complications are bleeding and an infection, it can be easily controlled with an evacuation and antibiotics. We have not seen a single case with large hematoma or infection in the past 10 years.

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