Doctor in UK Performs a DYI Vasectomy

So far in Minnesota, we haven’t had any doctors reporting a DYI surgery but in the UK they have a brave doctor who gave it a try. Dr. Jonathan Heatley of Horsham, West Sussex in the UK, performed 3 vasectomies and decided that he should be number 4 that day. He and his wife already have 3 boys who are ages, 12, 14, and 16 and he knew at some point he wanted to get a vasectomy.   He called in his nurse and his wife who works with him as the practice manager.  The doctor, who admittedly was a little nervous, gave himself a local anesthetic. His main concern was making sure that the area was numb before he started his procedure.   His nurse and wife were standing by to help and everything went smoothly.  He had his wife stepping on the foot pedal of the apparatus as needed for the DYI surgery. The procedure he performed on himself only took 20 minutes. Then he went home, relaxed and read a book. The next day he was back to work and just a couple days later was out riding his bike around town. Here is proof that a vasectomy is relatively pain free and nothing to be afraid of.

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