Dr. Shu had Own Vasectomy Done

Dr. Shu has performed hundreds of no scalpel vasectomies in his office over the past years. He recently went to Tampa for vasectomy reversal training. While he was learning the reversal techniques from Dr. Doug Stein, he asked Dr. Stein to do the vasectomy for him. Dr. Stein is the world’s most prolific vasectomist, who has performed more than 30,000 vasectomies and 1500 vasectomy reversals, and he will perform vasectomies in front of an audience at the Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) – Australia’s national science hub – to launch the inaugural World Vasectomy Day on October 18th, 2013.

When we asked Dr. Shu why he had the vasectomy done, he stated that he had three lovely children and has completed his family. More importantly, he plans to expand his vasectomy practice, so he wanted to know how his patients experience vasectomies.

“Of course, I didn’t need an initial consultation”, Dr. Shu said. “When Dr. Stein finished all vasectomy patients at the end of day, he said, Steven, your turn. I lied down on the exam table, and in less than eight minutes, my vasectomy was done with no scalpel, no needle and no sutures. I didn’t feel any pain during the procedure except mild discomfort after the numbing medicine went away, so I took Tylenol since I continued my reversal training next day. I wore the athletic supporter for two days. I was back to see my patients right after I came back from Tampa, and I didn’t take any days off, although this is not recommended.”

Dr. Shu told his medical staff that he had a very good experience from his own vasectomy. Now he is able to share his experience with his vasectomy patients. We lowered our price of vasectomy, put more practical information on our website, and simplified the whole process from consultation to vasectomy and post care. We are confident that we are going to be the number one vasectomy and reversal center in Minnesota.

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