Free Large Pizza and Athletic Supporter on World Vasectomy Day on October 18th

Dr. Shu participates in the international event, World Vasectomy Day. The vasectomies we are offering on World Vasectomy Day are part of a global effort. If you have the vasectomies done on October 18th, you will receive a free large pizza and a free athletic supporter.


For more information: World Vasectomy Day, the vasectomist.

On October 18, 2013 men all over the world, whose families are complete, will dedicate their vasectomy to Planet Earth in a world-first vasectomy-athon to launch the inaugural World Vasectomy Day (WVD). The goal is to raise awareness about the environmental impact of rising population on the planet, men’s role in family planning and vasectomy as a solution to prevent unintended pregnancies.

1,000 men in 25 countries will take the ultimate snip to show they care about the growing strain that population is placing on the planet’s resources, their families and themselves.

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