Good Reasons to Have a No-Scalpel Vasectomy in Minnesota

No scalpel vasectomy is a simple, quick and safe method for male sterilization. The recovery period is very short, and patients in Minnesota can return to work and their regular lifestyle within a few days. Sexual activity, penile sensitivity and male hormone production are not affected by vasectomy.

There are a variety of benefits to have a no scalpel vasectomysuch as the ones listed below:

• The number one good benefit is an obvious one – you won’t have any more kids!

• Once the procedure is done, there is no need to constantly think about contraception; in other words, after vasectomy, couples in Minneapolis and St Paul can stop thinking and worrying about this issue altogether.

• Some patients in Minnesota find that freedom from the fear of producing an unwanted child improves the mutual enjoyment of sexual relations, sometimes making it more spontaneous and frequent.

• Women should not take all the responsibility for birth control. Female contraceptives can be associated with more risks than a vasectomy. Birth control is something that most women have thought about a lot longer than most men for the simple fact that they are the ones getting pregnant. It may be time that middle aged men take it upon themselves to practice birth control. In addition, your woman will love you for it, isn’t that reason enough?

• One great and indisputable benefit of having a vasectomy for some men in Minnesota is that you will never be asked to wear a condom again. A comic once said that “having sex with a condom is like eating ice cream with a balloon stretched over your tongue” which is something everyone can agree on!

• Another ancillary benefit to a vasectomy is that you can get a few days off of work.

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