How is No-scalpel Vasectomy Procedure is Performed in Minnesota?

If you are considering having a no scalpel vasectomy, you are definitely not alone. Every year, about five thousands Minnesotans choose to have a no scalpel vasectomy as a permanent male contraception.

No scalpel vasectomy is performed in an office under local anesthesia. It takes only 15 minutes for each vasectomy.

Here is the detailed description of how no scalpel vasectomy Procedure is performed.

With the patient lying down, the scrotum skin is cleaned with alcohol and a small amount of local anesthesia is placed into the scrotal skin with a fine needle or needleless pressure spray applicator around the vas deferens. Then the scrotum and its surrounding areas are prepped with Betadine.

Dr. Shu begins the procedure on the right side by gently bringing the vas deferens to a position just under the scrotal skin. A tiny puncture is made in the numbed area of scrotal skin. The vas deferens are then secured and pulled out with a ring clamp through the small opening. The surrounding fascia is stripped with a sharp instrument to expose the vas deferens.

Dr. Shu uses 3 steps to insure complete occlusion: he cuts the vas deferens and destroys the lining of the tube on each end with cautery (scarring it) and places small titanium clips in the vas fascia to separate the opened ends of vas deferens. The vas deferens are then placed back into the scrotum in its normal anatomic position.

A similar procedure is performed on the left side vas through the same puncture hole to complete the no scalpel vasectomy. No suture is placed in the puncture hole in the scrotal skin. A scrotal support is applied and the patient can then walk out the office. The local anesthesia will keep the area numb for two hours after the procedure.

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