How to Talk about No Scalpel Vasectomy to Your Husband in Minnesota(1)

Many women in Minnesota do not enjoy taking birth control pills. Some of them forget to take them every day. This is one of reasons why birth control pills fail. Other people suffer from the side effects. But many women still take it because they and their partners have to use something for birth control.

If a couple in Minnesota choose to use a condom, the failure rate will be much higher than other birth control methods. It also affects their passion and dynamic during the love-making process. “Honey, I have to put it on first”.

If women in Minneapolis choose IUD, they would have to do a small procedure in the doctor’s office. Some women may develop excessive bleeding, ectopic pregnancy or increase the chance of pelvic infection. Otherwise, IUD is a reliable and reversible birth control method, but it is not very popular in the US.

If women in St Paul choose to get a tube ligation, they would have to go through a surgical procedure under general anesthesia in the hospital with significant expense. The tube ligation surgery has a higher complication rate than other birth control procedures. Other tube blocking methods are also options with slightly higher failure rate.

Many women in Minnesota know that no scalpel vasectomy is a very safe and simple office procedure for male sterilization. and it is a better birth control option for many couples in Minneapolis and St Paul. They prefer their husbands to share birth control responsibility. The question is, if women want their husband to get a no scalpel vasectomy, how do they talk to them about it? We will give you the advices in the next blog.

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