How to Talk about No Scalpel Vasectomy to Your Husband in Minnesota (2)

Women in Minnesota truly carry significant burden of responsibility for birth control. After you learn the fact that no scalpel vasectomy is a safe, minimally invasive and highly effective male contraception, and that most insurance plans in Minnesota cover vasectomy, some of you may wish that your husband could share responsibility in contraception. How do you talk to your husband about it?

1.You should not force our husband to do the vasectomy, after all, it is his body and his vas. He should feel the freedom to say yes or no.

2.Explore all options with your husband first, then discuss the pros and cons without bias. People are most able to take in information when they can let their guard down. In other words, have this part of the process be as neutral as possible. If your husband feels pressure, he is less likely to fairly weigh the options.

3.Find a good time to discuss the birth control issue.

4.Take your time, and be patient. Let your husband to do his own research online or talk to friends who have had vasectomies.

5.After finding out more about the no scalpel vasectomy, he will probably discover that the procedure is actually quick, easy, and has a smooth recovery. When men make the vasectomy decision, they can feel a great weight lifted off their shoulders that they no longer worry about future pregnancy. They might also feel proud of themselves for sharing the responsibility in the family planning.

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