Indications of Vasectomy in Minnensota

Vasectomy is a permanent sterilization surgical procedure. No scalpel vasectomy in Minnesota is a minimally invasive office procedure that makes a man sterile (unable to get a woman pregnant). Vasectomy may be recommended for men who are 100% sure they do not want to get a woman pregnant in the future.

A vasectomy is not recommended as a short-term form of birth control.  A vasectomy reverse procedure is a much more complicated operation and very costly. So if the men in Minnesota are not sure about vasectomy, they should not do it.

Vasectomy is indicated for men in Minnesota who:

  • Are in a stable relationship, and both partners agree that they do not want any more children. They do not want to use, or cannot use, other forms of birth control.
  • Are in a stable relationship, and their partner has health problems that would make pregnancy unsafe for her.
  • Are in a stable relationship, and one or both partners have genetic disorders that they do not want to risk passing on to their children.

Vasectomy may not be a good choice for the men in Minneapolis and St Paul areas who:

  • Are in a relationship with someone who does not know whether or not they want children in the future.
  •  Are in a unstable or stressful relationship.
  • Are thinking about having the operation just to please their partner.
  • Want to have children later by storing their sperm or by reversing their vasectomy.
  • Are young and still have many life changes ahead.
  • Are single when they want to have a vasectomy. This includes men who are divorced, widowed, or separated.
  • Do not want, or his partner does not want, to be bothered by having to use other forms of birth control during sexual activity.

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