March Madness brings Vasectomy Madness | Minneapolis & St Paul

NCAA Basketball tournament time seems to be a very popular time for vasectomies. Some clinics in the nation report a 50% increase in vasectomies at that time. Men can do two things at once; recover from their vasectomy and catch some great basketball action. The recovery time is usually a day or two of rest and using ice packs. What a great way to watch some guilt free basketball knowing that the “to do” list will need to wait.  If March is the month you are looking at getting your procedure done, you may want to set up your appointment early.

It just may become a trend.  Pick your favorite sport and time your procedure with the games you want to watch. It may be the World Series, The Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup playoffs that you want to watch with your wife’s approval during your recovery time.  Dr. Steven Shu, of One Stop Medical Center in Edina, MN said that so far he has not noticed a trend with vasectomies in Minnesota the NCAA Basketball tournament.  Maybe that is something that he will use for advertising down the road for his vasectomy procedures .

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