Myths of Vasectomy in Minnesota

Men in Minneapolis and St Paul sometimes believe that the is a vasectomy painful surgical procedure. However, this is just a myth. Here are some other myths about vasectomy.

1. MYTH: A vasectomy is a surgical procedure that requires hospitalization and sedation.
FACT: A vasectomy is usually performed in an outpatient setting. In our procedure clinic, all vasectomies are performed in our office. Like many other office procedures, the patients in Minnesota usually don’t need any sedation. The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

2. MYTH: A vasectomy is a painful surgical procedure involving scalpels and sutures.
FACT: At One Stop Medical Center, we use a revolutionary no-scalpel technique that doesn’t involve scalpels or sutures. No scalpel vasectomy is a less invasive procedure with a quicker recovery. The whole procedure is painlessly done through a single tiny skin puncture. If you are afraid of needles, we also offer the no needle approach with a “jet” injector to deliver the local anesthetic which provides maximum in patient comfort.

3. MYTH: Most men in Minnesota don’t consider a vasectomy to be viable form of birth control.
FACT: A vasectomy is an acceptable and effective form of birth control for couples that have completed their family. Each year, more than half million men in the US choose to get a vasectomy. About one out of six Minnesota men over the age of 35 have had a vasectomy.

4. MYTH: A vasectomy really isn’t permanent, as the vasectomy reverse is easy and quick.
FACT: A vasectomy is a permanent male sterilization. The patients in Minnesota should only have a vasectomy if they are certain that they do not want any more children. While a vasectomy can be reversed with microsurgery in many cases, the procedure is more complicated and quite expensive with a relatively low success rate, nor does it guarantee restored fertility.

5. MYTH: Vasectomy works immediately after the procedure.
FACT: A vasectomy may take up to 3 months to completely free your semen of sperm. Therefore, couples are advised to use another form of contraceptive until the doctor can confirm that the man’s semen no longer contains sperm.

6. MYTH: A vasectomy will negatively affect a man’s enjoyment of sex .
FACT: A vasectomy simply interrupts the passage of sperm during an orgasm. Erections, climaxes, and ejaculations should continue after a vasectomy. Normal hormones are still produced. Some men in Minnesota may experience difficulty with erections or ejaculations, but this is usually a psychological problem rather than a surgical complication. In fact, many couples in Minnesota experience an improvement in their sexual relations because they are no longer worried about pregnancy.

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