Reasons for Men in Minnesota Resisting Getting a Vasectomy (1)

Thanks to the Internet, men in Minnesota are getting more education on male birth control. They are more comfortable to make the biological decision and get a vasectomy done.

There are many reasons men resist getting a vasectomy, even no scalpel vasectomy.

Pain: Almost all men in Minnesota fear the idea of having surgery anywhere near their genital regions. This is probably the number one reason on the list. Fear of pain causes anxiety and makes it hard for men to make their decision.

Reality: Local anesthetic is given gently with a hair-sized needle or jet spray without causing any significant pain which completely numbs the area, so there should not be any discomfort or sensations during the procedure. If patients feel mild discomfort and/or aching in the first couple days after the anesthetic wears off, medications or ice packs can be used. It is important to understand that vasectomies are generally much less invasive and painful than surgical options for the woman. Moreover, no scalpel vasectomy is even less invasive with a tiny skin puncture and causes much less pain than traditional vasectomy. Patients in Minneapolis and St Paul are recommended to ask questions and consult doctors about any risks and concerns in order to relieve anxiety. We constantly get positive feedback from all patients, and they say that it was much simpler than they thought.

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