2016 Philippine Mission – 454 Vasectomies in 7 Days | Minnesota

Dr. Shu participated in the 2016 Philippines Vasectomy Mission from February 23 to March 1. This was his third time participating in the NVSI’s international mission.

For the 2016 mission, physicians and support staff arrived from three continents and had more countries of origin than we could easily count. Dr.Shu was the only surgeon from Minnesota.

The whole team performed a total of 454 no scalpel vasectomies in the seven-day mission, and Dr. Shu performed at least 50 vasectomies by himself.


  • philippine_2016_Day-1.1
  • philippine_2016_Day-2_5_ferrytohilongos
  • philippine_2016_Day-2.1
  • Steven JB Liz Sarah under the Free No Scalpel Vasectomy sign
  • philippine_2016_Day-2.2
  • philippine_2016_Day-5.1
  • NSVI group after lectures at Southwestern University NSVI group after lectures at Southwestern University[/caption]

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