Dr. Shu Led Eight Physicians to Carry Out First Cambodia Medical Mission | Minnesota!

2019 Cambodia Medical Mission through Medical Volunteers International (MVI)

In early 2019, Dr. Steven Shu led a group of Chinese-American doctors from North America to Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia to provide free medical care for local residents. This medical mission team consisted of ten volunteers. Eight of the members were doctors specializing in a range of fields, including internal medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, ophthalmology, surgery, and anesthesiology, as well as two non-medical volunteers. The majority of the team were from the United States, with one pediatrician from Canada. Dr. Li Tang was the Cambodian domestic team coordinator, who provided a team consisting of 5-6 individuals to assist in translation, as well as providing professional and daily necessities. During this service trip, the volunteers had to overcome many unexpected difficulties, including family emergencies, visa and passport issues, as well as many other obstacles.

Kampong Chhnang hospital is located 50 km north of Phnom Penh, where MVI team members have treated about 780 patients, including some surgical patients. The mission members also learned a great deal about Cambodia’s culture and its health care system.

The Medical Mission in Haiti through Medical Volunteers International (MVI) | Minnesota

Dr. Steven Shu led a group of Chinese American doctors from the United States and went to the Cap Haitien, Haiti from December 7th to 12th, 2018 to provide free medical care for local residents. The medical mission team consisted of a surgeon, two anesthesiologists, two internists, a family physician, and a non medical volunteer.

The medical mission was carried out in the local clinic and in the New Hope hospital , Dr. Shu performed 28 surgical procedures, including hydrocele removal, hernia repair, lipoma, cyst, angioma, and other physicians saw 152 patients with with various medical conditions.


Dr. Shu Participating in International Medical Mission in the Fifth Time | Minneapolis & St Paul

Minnesota physician Dr. Steven Shu, medical director of One Stop Medical Center, joins a group of doctors from the United States going to the Haiti in the last week of October, 2017 to provide free vasectomies for local residents. This is the fifth time that he has been part of an international vasectomy mission sponsored by the nonprofit organization, No Scalpel Vasectomy International Inc (NSVI).

The mission of NSVI is to promote and provide free No-Scalpel Vasectomy services worldwide, but especially in developing countries whose infrastructure and environmental resources are challenged by rapid population growth unchecked by established and/or effective family planning programs.

Over the past 14 years, Dr. Shu has been enjoying making his contributions to local communities. Since 2015, he has been focusing more on his international volunteer work in Philippines and Haiti. In 2017, he became a founding president of Medical Volunteers International (MVI, medvolunteers.org), a new non-profit organization for the Chinese American physicians dedicating the medical missions in the poorest countries around world.

Dr. Shu Led the Chinese American Physicians and Established the International Volunteering Physician Organization

Medical Volunteers International (MVI) is a volunteer organization initiated and created by Chinese physicians in the United States. It is non-profit, non-religious, and non-affiliated to any political group. It is for all Chinese physicians and other physicians of other ethnicities in the world to join, collectively promote, and develop international medical volunteering.

Dr. Shu is the founder of Medical Volunteers International (MVI), and he is currently serving as MVI President.

MVI’s aim is to provide Chinese physicians and physicians of other ethnicities with useful information about international medical volunteering, and to build a platform for volunteers exchanging and sharing personal experiences. Through connection and communication with other international medical volunteer organizations, MVI will help their members find suitable volunteer projects. Meanwhile MVI will actively create and initiate its own projects in Haiti, Cambodia and Senegal beginning in 2018. These projects will focus on helping areas in urgent need of medical resources and supplies, as well as patients in need of necessary medical treatments.

In 2014, Dr.Steven Shu joined the “No-Scalpel Vasectomy International, Inc”, an international medical volunteer organization led by Dr. Doug Stein. Dr.Shu made a total of four trips to the Philippines and Haiti in the past two years.

Dr. Shu’s personal experience led him to a larger vision, driven by a sense of individual responsibility and ideology. He realized that an individual’s strength is often limited. However, if individuals come together to build an organization, this organization’s power will be unlimited. There are more than 6,000 Chinese physicians in the United States, hundreds of thousands around the world, and much more in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

With the power of social media and social networking, overseas Chinese physicians should be able to set up an organization, such as MVI, to connect with people around the world to help those in need of medical aid. Through communicating with other Chinese physicians, Dr.Shu learned that many physicians share similar interests and goals, and are willing to be involved in medical volunteering, but most of them do not know how or where to start. He also learned that some physicians in North America are already at the forefront of such endeavors, the most prominent being Dr. Jun Xu. Dr. Xu has visited Senegalese, Africa for medical mission trips every year since 2013, and Dr. Junkui Zhang and Dr. Tiebo Fu have participated in medical volunteer activities in Central America. Therefore, at the end of 2016, after careful and thorough consideration, Dr.Shu decided that the time for advocating overseas Chinese physicians to establish an international medical volunteer platform has come.

After discussion with Dr. Jun Xu and other physicians who showed great enthusiasm and support, a council of nine members was formed. On January 29, 2017, MVI was established and started to recruit new members immediately. In the meantime, fund-raising efforts have begun.

MVI was incorporated on February 8, 2017. By April 30, 2017, a total of 99 people joined the MVI with 64 official physician members. IRS approved the MVI’s 501 C3 tax exempt status in the March, 2017.

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