Vasectomy May be the New Condom for Fertility

New research from four months ago published in the journal Andrology shows that very high reversal success makes vasectomy a temporary contraceptive. This study of more than 1,200 reversals (V-V, V-E) demonstrates a vasectomy reversal is possible almost 40 years after the original vasectomy. The author Dr. Turek predicts that a vasectomy can be used as temporary male contraception.

For decades, it has been believed that the older the vasectomy, the less likely that a vasectomy reversal will work. But this is simply not true. This assumption has led many doctors to encourage couples to choose vitro fertilization (IVF), a much more expensive alternative, to build families.

The study shows reversals performed even 38 years after the vasectomy did not have worse outcomes after reversal. In fact, the patency rate after reversal plateaus after 21 years doesn’t decrease much. The chance of achieving live sperm counts after reversal in men with older vasectomies (more than 15 years of obstruction) was 75% compared to 93% in men with younger vasectomies (less than 15 years). In addition, excellent sperm counts are achievable after reversing older vasectomies. The motility of ejaculated sperm after reversal decreases as vasectomy age increases.

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