Achieving Zero Failure Rate and Zero Infection Rate in No Scalpel Vasectomy | Minnesota

All birth controlmethods work best if used correctly every time you have sex. The vasectomy has one of the lowest failure rates among birth control methods. Moreover, no-scalpel vasectomy has many proven advantages with a lower complication rate over the conventional vasectomy. Still, some men in Minnesota hesitate to have their vasectomy done because they are afraid of failure and complications.

One Stop Medical Center of Twin Cities reported a zero failure rate and zero infection rate in about 600 vasectomy cases, most of which were performed in the past few years. All vasectomies were performed with no scalpel, no needle, and no suture techniques.

The failure rate for the no scalpel vasectomy, which uses the fascia clipping technique, is even lower than the traditional vasectomy. The immediate risks of vasectomy are bleeding and infection, but these risks are generally very low for vasectomies. The risks are even lower with our no scalpel vasectomy.”

A very small percentage of patients develop small hematomas (collection of blood) and large hematomas are even rarer. Small hematomas usually resolve by themselves. Large hematomas need an incision and drainage.

One Stop Medical Center has developed a powerful website with a plethora of information on the vasectomy that helps Minnesota patients to understand the potential side effects and complications. It also provides detailed instructions on how to prevent common complications.

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