Challenges of the Difficult Vasectomies | Minnesota

Easy VasectomyⓇ is a minimal invasive office procedure with no scalpel, no needle and no stitches techniques, and it takes less than 10 minuets. Dr. Shu performs about 400 vasectomies every year, some of them could be very challenging.

The common reasons of the difficult vasectomies:

1. Large scrotum with obesity
2. Tight and thick skin with small scrotum
3. Short Vas Deferens
4. Small size of Vas Deferens
5. Previous history of scrotum surgeries
6. Scrotum with hydrocele, hernia or other diseases

Dr.Shu has extensive experience of doing no scalpel vasectomy, and he loves to do the challenging vasectomies. He has never referred any vasectomy patients out. Dr.Shu has never had a chance to tell any vasectomy patients that they need general anesthesia because he always can finish it under the local anesthesia regardless how difficult it is.

Yesterday, we had a vasectomy case with the hydrocele and extensive scars inside the left scrotum. Dr.Shu successfully performed it although it did take extra 10 minutes to do it. He was telling the patients that, during his vasectomy missions trips in Haiti, some Haitian patients with huge hydroceles were much more challenging ones.

Here is the testimonial published by one of our patients with the difficult vasectomy last month.

“I highly recommend Dr. Shu and the EZ Vasectomy. It is refreshing to have a clinic that takes the patient experience into consideration. Everything from scheduling, to the follow up sample testing is done in a way that puts value on my time and makes it easy for me. Not to mention I received a consultation from a urologist before I saw Dr. Shu. They recommended general anesthesia that would have come at a $6,000+ cost to me plus the extra recovery time from the more invasive procedure. Dr. Shu was able to complete the procedure in 7 minutes with local anesthesia at 10% of the cost. For the recovery, I was able to function like normal, just took it a little easy for 2 days. I wouldn’t even call it a painful recovery. A sunburn is more painful than the recovery I experienced.”

If you are told by any urologists or family physicians that

1. You are a very difficult vasectomy case, or
2. You need a sub-specialist to do it in the operating room, or
3. You need to be done under general anesthesia in the hospital.

Please come to the Procedure Clinic and try Dr.Shu’s vasectomy skills. You will be surprised to know that how much time and money you will save, and how much pain and suffering from vasectomy can be avoided or reduced. Easy VasectomyⓇ is your choice!

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