Hematospermia After Vasectomy | Minnesota

An anxious patient recently called my office two weeks after his vasectomy. “I think I might have problem with my recent vasectomy,” he said anxiously. “My wife and I had sex last night, and she noticed that there was blood in my semen.”

Blood in the ejaculate often causes great concern to the men who experience it after vasectomy, a condition called hematospermia, or hemospermia. It could occasionally happen in the first month after a vasectomy. If you can imagine, the vas tube has been opened and any resultant blood from the wound or ruptured capillary vessels can pass through the tube during healing.

Post vasectomy hematospermia is an uncommon finding after a vasectomy however it is not alarming Most cases of hematospermia after vasectomy are generally self-limited, and it usually resolve within a few weeks, and no further diagnostic workup is needed; however, in some patients, hematospermia may be the first indicator of other urologic diseases such as prostate or seminal vesicle (male sex glands). If it persists perhaps it might be wise to consult with an urologist

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