Is a Vasectomy the Right Choic for You? | Minneapolis & St paul

Both you and your partner should decide if a vasectomy is the right choice.

Vasectomy is indicated for men in Minnesota who:

• Are in a stable relationship, and you and your partner agree that you do not want any more children. You do not want to use, or cannot use, other forms of birth control.
• Your partner has health problems that would make pregnancy unsafe for her.
• You and/or your partner have genetic disorders that they do not want to risk passing on to their children.

Vasectomy may NOT be a good choice for the men in Minnesota who:

• You and/or your partner are still unsure about whether you should have children
• Are in a unstable or stressful relationship.
• Are thinking about having it just to please their partner.
• Want to have children later by storing their sperm or by reversing their vasectomy.
• Are very young and still have many life changes ahead.
• Are single when they want to have a vasectomy. This includes men who are divorced, widowed, or separated.
• Are interested in temporary birth control

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