More Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2016 | Minnesota

More Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients in 2016:

  • I was very nervous about having the procedure done but Dr. Schu was very professional and put me at ease. There was literally no pain whatsoever and the recovery time was very quick. I would highly recommend his services. Also the office was very warm and inviting and the staff were very friendly.
  • Easy start to finish
  • It was a piece of cake. I was so anxious up to and most of the way through the procedure, but it was done quickly and as easy as I hoped.
  • Amazing should have did it years ago.
  • It was a breeze! 7 minutes and I was in and out. Very little pain, and after taking it easy for a couple days I was right back into my regular schedule. Highly recommended!
  • Already have recommended to friends
  • Should of done this sooner! Very fast, easy and painless.
  • The procedure was fast, convenient and the pain was minimal (less than I expected). Happy with the decision to chose this procedure and this Dr.
  • Had a little more pain post-vasectomy than anticipated. And occasional pain a couple times in the few weeks after the procedure. Otherwise it went well.
  • I would recommend all my friends to Dr. Shu
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