Why Procedure Clinic for Vasectomy and Vasectomy Reversal procedures | Minnesota

1. No-scalpel and no needle technique that only requires one micro incision, which minimizes trauma, pain, and risk of complications, and it allayed many men’s fears with regard to the scalpel and needle

2. Local anesthesia: Not having to use general anesthesia or IV sedation greatly reduces the risks associated with it.

3. High success rate: The success rates of our operations are up there with the best, thanks to the extensive past surgical experience and high volume practice.

4. High quality, personalized medical care: Being in an office allows for a more personal, patient oriented approach. Our team of professional and friendly staff go the extra mile to ensure patient satisfaction.

5. Enjoy an accredited, private surgical center with a premium clinic environment.

6. Affordability: At $690 for a vasectomy and $2741, an all inclusive price, for a vasectomy reversal, our prices are only a fraction of the cost of the same procedure done in a hospital or public surgical center. We do not charge facility fees or anesthesia fees.

7. Website: Our website is full of information and resources for prospective patients. For those that want to learn more about the procedures, our practice, and our mission, our site is the right place to be!

8. Online Registration: Using online registration makes scheduling appointments convenient and easy!

9. We offer consultations on the same day as the surgery and the phone consultation.

10. One trip system: An initial face-to-face consultation is no longer required. We also developed a mailer system to eliminate another trip for patients. This is especially good for those that live far away or out-of-state.

11. Only 10 Minutes from the Minneaplios-St Paul airport (MSP)

12. Located in the famous high end town of Edina, France Avenue is enriched with hospitals, medical offices, commercial and business centers, as well as hotels.

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