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Video World Vasectomy Animation

We all have occasions we celebrate each year. For us, that date is World Vasectomy Day!

But what is World Vasectomy Day? Let’s take it one step at a time.

A vasectomy is a permanent form of birth control for men where the doctor first separates the vas deferens and then seals up each end. This prevents sperm from entering into the seminal stream and fertilizing a woman’s egg. After it’s done you’ll still produce the same amount of semen, but no sperm, or like some say, ‘all juice no seeds’.

Can you just use a condom? For sure, but it turns out 18 out of every 100 men who use a condom as their primary form of birth control get a woman pregnant within a year.

With a vasectomy, failure is less than 1%. You do the math. And what do you call a man who uses withdrawal? Daddy.

And while no guy likes a doctor poking around in our private parts, for almost 99% of men there’s no lasting pain, the whole thing takes only 15 minutes and there’s no negative effect on our sex lives.

In fact, eliminating the fear of pregnancy can actually make it better.

You’d think every man, whose family is complete would get a vasectomy, but there are whole countries where less than 1% even choose the option.

So why are men so resistant?

Bad information and old habits lead to fears like my sex life will decrease” or “My testosterone will decline.

The Luo language of Kenya uses the same word for “vasectomy” and “castration’, but the common fear world over is that a vasectomy makes you less of a man.


Manhood is not determined by how many children you make, but how well you care for those you already have.
And some people don’t even want any kids and that’s their choice as well.

A courageous man doesn’t run from risk, he shares responsibility with his partner. He doesn’t give in to fear. He gets a vasectomy out of love.

And if that love includes concern for the planet our children will inherit, you should know that a vasectomy lowers carbon footprint 28 times more than a lifetime of reducing, reusing and recycling.

So on World Vasectomy Day we celebrate the men and women who rise as one to take responsibility for our children, our families and our future. For some this means choosing to get a vasectomy, for the doctors and providers it means doing them.

For all of us how we create new life is certainly the most important conversation of our lives. So join us this year on November 13, as we make history and create a better future.

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