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Dear Men in Minneapolis & St Paul

Dear Men,

We came up with Ten Reasons to support World Vasectomy Day as a way to explain the spirit behind our event, but we want to make sure that every one of you who decides to get a vasectomy, either during WVD or any point in the future, does so because it is the right option for you.

First – as valuable as it may be to make a positive contribution to the world, the decision to have a vasectomy is highly personal and dependent on your individual circumstances. We must emphasize the importance of taking the time to seriously consider whether you are in fact ready to take this step. Even though the decision is yours, we encourage you to talk it through with trusted friends as well as other men who have had a vasectomy.

Second – vasectomy should be considered as a permanent form of birth control. Reversals are possible, but not only are they much more expensive than a vasectomy, success is not guaranteed.

Third – while we live in a world where an 18 year old is considered old enough to die or kill for his country, it is likely that this same young man would be questioned and even counseled against getting a vasectomy. And while there are some men who feel sure at a very young age that theyʼll never want to be a father, statistically, some of those men will end up changing their minds. WVD does not have a position on what the minimum age should be to get a vasectomy. However, if you are a young man, or a man who has never had a child, you might consider freezing some of your sperm!

Fourth – while a young man may feel certain he wants to have a vasectomy, it might not be a service that a particular physician or a clinic feels comfortable doing. This decision is not necessarily a moral judgment, but a reflection on what he or she believes is in the best interests of that patient.

Fifth – and of great importance – although the vast majority of men who have a vasectomy are satisfied with the procedure, and most of their female partners are grateful to no longer have to worry about taking ultimate responsibility for birth control, there is a small percentage of men who might regret their decision. This may be due to changes in their lives, their family, negative psychological reactions, or complications that include long-term pain.

Serious complications can occur in about 1-2% of cases. If you suffer from pain, your pain is not a statistic, but a very serious issue. We share this information because itʼs critical each patient is fully informed about the procedure and the full range of possible consequences. Furthermore, we believe that continued research is needed in this area and we fully support any and all efforts to do so.

Sixth – if you or your partner is non-monogamous, you should wear a condom. A vasectomy does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

Seventh – for those who say ʻgetting a vasectomy makes you less of a manʼ, we say, thereʼs nothing manly about getting a woman pregnant when itʼs not what you want or not having sufficient resources to care for your child in a way that reflects what you value.

Eighth – while the biggest fear for many men is that a vasectomy will have an adverse effect on their capacity to give or receive sexual pleasure, the good news is, eliminating fear of pregnancy might actually improve your sex life!

In conclusion, vasectomies may not be right for every one, but for men:
1. who are certain they donʼt want any or more children
2. whose families are complete and
3. that are certain theyʼre going to be sexually active with women who are still fertile vasectomy is a very good option.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to have a vasectomy, on World Vasectomy Day or any other day, please take the time to consider all of the above points.

Jonathan Stack, Co-founder
World Vasectomy Day

World Vasectomy Day FAQ | Minneapolis & St Paul

What is World Vasectomy Day?
For World Vasectomy Day, an annual observance, doctors in health clinics and medical offices around the globe perform as many vasectomies as possible in one 24-hour period. The second annual observance, Nov. 7, 2014, will represent participation by at least 200 physicians in some 25 countries including the U.S, Australia, India, Kenya, China and Colombia. World Vasectomy Day is designed to heighten awareness of and dispel myths about vasectomy, increase access to the procedure, and inspire more men to become engaged in the global family planning conversation, above all.

What is the goal of World Vasectomy Day?
World Vasectomy Day is not just about how many vasectomies are completed, but how many
conversations about men’s role in family planning are launched.

Who founded World Vasectomy Day?
Filmmaker Jonathan Stack and urologist and vasectomist Doug Stein, MD, joined forces in 2012 to tell the story of human population’s impact on the planet. World Vasectomy Day sprang from their alliance. Stein has performed over 33,000 vasectomies.

Where will World Vasectomy Day 2014 be headquartered?
It will be headquartered in Florida at Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando’s new Kissimmee Health Center. Those vasectomies performed in Dr. Stein’s office in Florida will be part of the second annual Vasectomy-athon, to be live-streamed on the World Vasectomy Day website. The live webcast will include feeds from many participating doctors, interviews with family planning leaders, and live vasectomies from around the world.

How much will the vasectomies cost in World Vasectomy Day?
Each practitioner will set his or her own pricing. One Stop Medical Center offers 2 free large pizza ($20 gift card) on the top of its very affordable price ($590). The patients may call 952-922-2151 to schedule the procedure.

When did the first World Vasectomy Day take place?
The initial celebration was the largest male-oriented global family planning event ever, taking place on October 18, 2013. We achieved our goal of getting over 100 doctors in 25 countries to do over 1,000 vasectomies in 24 hours.

Was it a live event?
The first World Vasectomy Day was headquartered at the Royal Institution in Adelaide, Australia, a national scientific nonprofit organization. It included live vasectomies performed in front of invited experts and a live studio-audience that were live-streamed globally.

2 Free Large Pizza on World Vasectomy Day on November 7th | Minnesota

For the second year in a row, Dr.Shu will be participating in World Vasectomy Day, an event that brings focus to the role men can take in family planning as responsible citizens of our planet. The vasectomies we are offering on World Vasectomy Day are part of a global effort. If you have the vasectomies done on November 7th, you will receive 2 free large pizza ($20 gift card).



Doctors in health clinics and medical offices around the globe will perform as many vasectomies as possible in one 24-hour period for World Vasectomy Day, Nov. 7, 2014. The second annual event is designed to heighten awareness of and dispel myths about vasectomy, increase access to the procedure, and to inspire more men to become engaged in the global family planning conversation, above all.

Some 250 physicians in 30 countries are expected to perform roughly 1,500 vasectomies on Nov. 7. To date, among some 30 countries with confirmed participation in the event are Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, England, Kenya, the Philippines, Poland, Rwanda, Spain, Thailand, Uganda and the United States. A countdown to World Vasectomy Day will begin on Oct. 7, 2014.

Last year, 100 physicians in 25 countries performed 1,000 vasectomies for the first World Vasectomy Day, which was headquartered at the Royal Institution in Australia, a national scientific nonprofit organization where the day’s vasectomy-athon was streamed live. A majority of the men deciding to have the procedure did it to ease the burden of family planning on their wives. “They tell us they felt it was time to step up,” Stack says. Although most family planning specialists consider vasectomy the most effective permanent form of birth control available to men, there is still much resistance. Despite costing on average one-fifth as much as tubal ligation, not requiring general anesthesia or hospitalization, vasectomy is performed at less than half the rate of tubal ligation in the U.S. Worldwide, less than three percent of married women ages 15 to 49 rely on their partner’s vasectomy for contraception.

More information about World Vasectomy Day can be found at An open letter to men considering vasectomy includes Ten Reasons to support World Vasectomy Day and concludes that while vasectomies may not be right for everyone, they can be a good option for men whose families are complete, who are certain they don’t want any or more children, and who are certain they are going to be sexually active with women who are still fertile.

Research shows that Tomatoes boost male fertility | Minneapolis

The key nutrient that gives tomatoes their bright red color could boost fertility in men, according to a study. This research shows that lycopene could increase sperm count by up to 70 per cent.

The report, which was published by the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, reviewed 12 studies by different groups around the world.

All of them showed that lycopene improved sperm count and swimming speed, and reduced the number of abnormal sperm.

Ashok Agarwal, director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Reproductive Medicine, who led the study, said it was part of a general pattern showing lycopene benefited men’s reproductive organs. His team has already begun a trial giving lycopene supplements to men with unexplained infertility. They plan to announce the results next year.

The discovery will bring new hope to the infertility couples in Minnesota.

How to Increase Male Fertility after Vasectomy Reversal | Minnesota

Although successful vasectomy is critical step for your fertility, keeping your sperm healthy is also important for increasing your fertility. This blog will talk about the health of your sperm, and how it may help you to understand the various factors that can affect male fertility.

Sperm health depends on various factors, including sperm quantity, quality and movement. The more sperm in each ejaculation you have, the more sperm with a normal shape and structure, or if more than 40 percent of your sperm are moving, the more likely you are to be fertile. Aging does affect sperm health. Sperm movement and the number of healthy sperm might decline after age 50, affecting a man’s fertility.

family_14There are some simple steps in changing your lifestyle to boost your fertility. It is helpful to eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, exercise daily, and reduce your weight. Obesity may negatively affect sperm quality, reducing both sperm count and sperm movement. Smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs also affect sperm count, quality and movement. Quit smoking, drink less than two glasses of alcohol or coffee daily, and lose the extra pounds to achieve a healthy weight. Also stay away from toxins, such as pesticides and lead, however if you must work with them, do so safely with protective clothing and safety precautions. Taking supplements may not actually be beneficial, so focus more on your overall health.

Stress can decrease sexual function and interfere with the hormones needed to produce sperm. If the body is under stress, whether it is emotional, physical or financial, it does not help male fertility. One great way to reduce stress is to force your body to relax with getting enough sleep, exercise, yoga, and getting a massage or acupuncture on a regular basis.

Always practice safe sex. Sexually transmitted diseases are a leading cause of infertility for both men and women. Most lubricants during sex will also interfere with sperm movement.

Try to stay away from certain heat sources because increased scrotal temperature can affect sperm production. Avoid hot tubs and hot baths (showers are fine). Also avoid wearing tight underwear or athletic shorts. If you bike or remain seated for long periods of time, take frequent breaks. Don’t place a laptop computer directly on your lap. Don’t keep your cell phone in your pants pocket.

Be cautious with medications, especially Calcium channel blockers, tricyclic antidepressants, anti-androgens, and anabolic steroids, as they can affect your fertility. Chemotherapy drugs and radiation can cause irreversible infertility.

More FAQ (2)

Q. Is no scalpel vasectomy easily reversible?
Yes, current vasectomy technique is much more reversal friendly. We no longer remove the segment of vas, and we no longer to cauterize both ends of vas. The open ended vasectomy technique keeps healthy vas as long as we can, so vasectomy can be easily reversed if you change your mind later. You also need to remember that we can put the tubes back together in the majority of cases, but you cannot guarantee that the reversal will be successful since the success rate is related to the time between the vasectomy and its reversal. You can’t guarantee that a pregnancy will result. And that is regardless of the method of vasectomy.

Q. What happens if I get an erection during the procedure?
I have performed many hundred of vasectomies in the past decade, I haven’t seen this. Most male patients are nervous enough to suppress their sexual arousal. It is not an issue.

Q. Is there anyone else in the room during the procedure?
Usually not. You will always be asked if someone else is to be present. Our front desk and medical assistants will greet you and help you to get paperwork done right before vasectomy. On occasion the doctor ask the medical assistant to assist if needs more instruments and accessories. Very occasionally, other physicians visit to observe the no scalpel vasectomy procedure. However, no family members or partners will be allowed to attend.

More FAQ (1)

Q. Can I take Aspirin for pain?
No, Asprin is a blood thinner, which may cause bleeding or more bruising.

Q. Can I take Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin?) or Naproxen ?
Yes, you can take it in limited doses. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is preferred. Many patients don’t take anything after a vasectomy.

Q. Do I have to put ice on afterwards?
No, because no-scalpel vasectomy causes very small trauma in your scrotum.

Q. Can I lift my kid after the vasectomy?
You should not lift anything in the first week.

Q. Can I take a Sauna/bath/Jacuzzi/Whirlpool?
We recommend to only shower before complete healing.

Q. When can I shower after the procedure?
You can shower in 24-36 hours.

Vasectomy May be the New Condom for Fertility

New research from four months ago published in the journal Andrology shows that very high reversal success makes vasectomy a temporary contraceptive. This study of more than 1,200 reversals (V-V, V-E) demonstrates a vasectomy reversal is possible almost 40 years after the original vasectomy. The author Dr. Turek predicts that a vasectomy can be used as temporary male contraception.

For decades, it has been believed that the older the vasectomy, the less likely that a vasectomy reversal will work. But this is simply not true. This assumption has led many doctors to encourage couples to choose vitro fertilization (IVF), a much more expensive alternative, to build families.

The study shows reversals performed even 38 years after the vasectomy did not have worse outcomes after reversal. In fact, the patency rate after reversal plateaus after 21 years doesn’t decrease much. The chance of achieving live sperm counts after reversal in men with older vasectomies (more than 15 years of obstruction) was 75% compared to 93% in men with younger vasectomies (less than 15 years). In addition, excellent sperm counts are achievable after reversing older vasectomies. The motility of ejaculated sperm after reversal decreases as vasectomy age increases.

How is Easy™ vasectomy done without a needle?

In order to make vasectomy patients happier, the no needle technique was invented. It significantly reduces the fear and vasovagal reaction (fainting) during vasectomy.

Conventional needle anesthesia in no-scalpel vasectomy involves the use of a 27 gauge needle to raise a wheal at the skin of scrotum; it is then advanced its full length along the vas on each side where further anesthetic solution is deposited. One could feel a small poke and a bit of a squeezing pain during injection. However, most men do not like needles of any size … especially there!


MadaJet® was invented to replace needle injection. Wilson in 2001 initially described no-needle jet injection as a new anesthetic technique. Weiss and Li refined the jet injection technique for vasectomy. (J Urol 2005; 173:1677-1680). It is a spray applicator that delivers a fine stream of anesthetic at a pressure great enough to penetrate the skin and envelop the vas tube beneath the skin, attaining a close to 100% efficacy rate with no need for supplemental anesthetic.

How is Easy™ vasectomy done without a scalpel?

The patients in Minneapolis and St Paul areas always wonder how Easy™ vasectomy is performed without a scalpel.

No-scalpel vasectomy instruments were developed in China in the mid-70’s and introduced into the United States in 1985. The refined techniques of no-scalpel vasectomy that minimize trauma, pain and complications. The introduction of no-scalpel vasectomy has successfully allayed many men’s fears with regard to the scalpel.

Dr. Shu uses two important No-scalpel vasectomy instruments to perform the procedure. A very pointy hemostat is used in three steps.hemostat_2

  • First used to make an initial tiny opening into anesthetized skin by puncturing, then skin is spread to 0.5cm opening.
  • Then used to spread all layers (the vas sheath) down to the vas tube.
  • Finally, used to spread adherent tissue and blood vessels away from the vas under direct vision

A ring clamp is used to initially grab the vas and secure it during the procedure. ring clamp_2

Reversal-Friendly Vasectomy Technique | Minneapolis & St Paul

Dr. Shu has performed no scalpel vasectomy for 14 years. Recently, one of his previous vasectomy patients came for the vasectomy reversal. He lives in Minneapolis. He and his wife changed their mind and wanted more kids now. The patient was told that it would be difficult to reverse it because Dr. Shu’s old vasectomy technique was quite “aggressive”, although the patient had a successful reversal during the surgery.

Like many surgeons, Dr. Shu stopped performing “aggressive” no scalpel vasectomy since he started offering the vasectomy reversal last year. He used to cut off a small segment of vas on each side and destroy the lining of the tube on both ends with a cautery. This technique meets the concept of permanent sterilization, but it is not reversal friendly.

Now Dr. Shu adopted the open-end and reverse-friendly vasectomy technique. He no longer cuts off a segment of vas, and he no longer cauterizes both ends of vas. Instead, he destroys the lining of the tube on the upper end only and keeps the healthy vas as long as possible. This reversal friendly technique will significantly improve the success of reversal in case patients change their mind and want more children in the future.

What Patients are Saying

We hear compliments from our patients every day. These are some things that our patients in Minneapolis and St Paul areas have said.

  • “Wow, this is not what I expected. Such a nice office and procedure room”.
  • “Beautiful facility! Warm and welcoming environment.”
  • “I am impressed by your websites. They are so informative.”
  • “Excellent website! Very informative and it answered all of my questions.”
  • “I haven’t seen any clinic in Minnesota to be so transparent in prices.”
  • “No hidden fees! The prices from the website were accurate and affordable.”
  • “Your procedure clinic is truly low cost and high quality, it is amazing.”
  • “I am impressed by the many cutting edge technologies in the clinic.”
  • “Dr. Shu and his staff are extremely courteous and friendly!”
  • “Scheduling appointments is easy! They work around my schedule and are very flexible.”
  • “The front desk is always happy, friendly, and approachable.”
  • “Your whole system is so patient friendly, convenient and efficient.”
  • “Dr. Shu is very personable and professional, I felt so welcome.”
  • “Dr. Shu is truly an expert in office procedures.”

Vasectomy March Madness in Minnesota

National media reported the phenomena of vasectomy March Madness last year, and CNN gave a follow up report on this topic last week. What is Vasectomy March Madness? It is the phenomena that more men seek vasectomy during NCAA Basketball tournament time.

There is no national data to support the trend of vasectomy March Madness. Dr. Ed Sabanegh, chairman of the Department of Urology at the Cleveland Clinic told CNN that they performed 40 or 50 more vasectomies a month before and during the 68-team basketball tourney.

One Stop Medical Center in MN reported that we didn’t notice a trend with vasectomies in Minnesota during the NCAA Basketball tournament last year. We monitored it closely this year, and we did notice big jump in vasectomy procedures in the past few weeks although other factors may play a role, too, such as lowering price and the convenient one trip vasectomy service system.

Men can do two things at once; recover from their vasectomy and catch some great basketball action. It just may become a trend. Pick your favorite sport and time your procedure with the games you want to watch. It may be the World Series, The Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup playoffs that you want to watch with your wife’s approval during your recovery time.

Low Cost Vasectomy Reversal in Minnesota

Finally, low cost vasectomy reversal is here for men in Minnesota and surrounding states. Dr. Shu of One Stop Medical Center is quickly expanding his practice in vasectomy and vasectomy reversal by offering low cost procedures.

Life changes and some people regret having their vasectomy, but can’t afford the reversal procedure. “That’s why we are here, so that anyone who needs a reversal can get one,” says Dr. Shu.

These fees are less than what other places will charge. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Since vasectomy reversal is performed in our accredited private surgical center, there are no facility fees.
  • Because it is done under local anesthesia, there are no fees for an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist.
  • We purposely lowered the price, so more people can benefit from it.

According to published data, someone who receives a reversal within 10 years of having their vasectomy will have greater odds. The best chance for the returning of live sperm is less than three years after the original vasectomy.

The minimally-invasive procedure performed at One Stop Medical Center is known as Vasovasostomy; it is performed under local anesthesia with the assistance of an operating microscope (microsurgery) and typically takes 2-3 hours to complete.

New Study showed Recession Drove More Men to Have Vasectomy

According to a study presented at a meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine on October 15, 2013, there was an increase in the rate of vasectomies performed each year from 2005 to 2012, which coincided with the recession starting in 2007. The increasing trend of vasectomies plateaued at the end of the recession in 2012. The researchers interviewed about 1,700 men who had a vasectomy consultation at a clinic in Wisconsin. About 1,450 of the men went through with the vasectomy procedure.

The studies showed that recession drove men to have a vasectomy earlier. Men who received vasectomy consultation in the years 2005-2008 had on average 3.1 children, a number that fell to 2.3 following the 2008 recession.

The study researcher Dr. Anand Shridharani, a practicing urologist in Milwaukee, thinks that the increase in vasectomy rates mirrors the decrease in average income, which could be taken as a measure of economic health. He believes the economy plays a role in trying to prevent having unintended children because of the economic burden of having a child. Another possible factor is that people may have become more educated about various options for contraception, including vasectomy.

More studies are needed in the future to prove the trend that the recession influences more Americans to decide against having another child with abortions and vasectomies.

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